From “There is God oo” to “My husband Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and Sambo is a quiet people” – Reasons We Miss Ex-First Lady Patience Jonathan (PHOTOS)


The emergence of Goodluck Jonathan as Nigeria’s president ushered in a new first lady in the person of his wife Patience Jonathan. While Nigerians loved the president, his wife was more of a delight to the public as she kept us entertained. The former first lady had a way of captivating the audience and holding them spell bound.

There was hardly a dull moment with her. Every moment of the first lady in public was a hit back to back. Just when Nigerians thought they had seen it all, she’d come up with another “stunt” that got them talking. Now that she’s out of the presidency, Nigerians can’t help but miss her. What we have left are memories of her time spent as first lady.

Here are four reasons why we miss Patience Jonathan.

Her sense of fashion

Shortly after she arrived at the presidential villa, the former first lady introduced herself as a fashionista. After a few public appearances, Nigerians became aware that the wife of the former president was no novice as far as fashion was concerned. Versatility best describes Patience Jonathan’s style. She was known to adorn different beautiful attires. And there was always something unique about each outfit.

Her grammar

It was always fun to listen to the first lady talk. For some reason, she always had something funny to say. She was known to always make grammatical blunders in her speeches. Nigerians were always eager to hear her talk as they were sure of hearing things that would make them laugh. Some of her most memorable quotes include the following:

“At least we all have HIV/AIDS except that some of us are negative and some of us are positive.” 

“My husband Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and Sambo is a quiet people.”

Chibok girls

Nigerians were thrown into a frenzy when over 200 school girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram in Chibok. Being a mother herself, the former first lady swung into action to play her own part in rescuing the girls. While addressing a group of woman including the principal of the school where the girls were kidnapped, the former first lady broke down in tears saying “All these blood you people are shedding, there o, there is God o, God o…. chai! There is God oo.”

Election controversy

The 2015 presidential elections had the former first lady constantly in the news as she was very outspoken. In the course of campaigning for her husband Goodluck Jonathan, she was defensive of her him and stood up to the opposition. At a rally of PDP’s women’s wig, she was reported to have made some comments about going to prison: “What did they forget in Aso Rock? If you vote the PDP and Jonathan, it would be better for you. If you vote the APC, you will go to prison. How can you jail somebody for 300 years? I’m not ready to carry food to my husband inside prison oh!” she said.