Fridays are for casual looks -Here are 21 Office Approved Ankara Outfits Perfect for Casual Friday (PHOTOS)


Fridays are for casual looks. This can be a little bit tricky as you don’t want to wear something too casual, you’re still going to work. So when you think of casual Fridays at work, don’t think of slippers or tank tops and crop tops. Casual Friday doesn’t have to be drab.

Depending on your work environment, you might be able to pull off mid- length shorts and jeans. But if your work dress code is strict, then do not fret. In this post you will find all the inspiration you need to style the perfect casual Friday look.

From Mid length Dresses, Skirts, Statement Tops, to Kimonos, check out these 21 office approved Ankara outfits that were carefully selected to inspire you.