Fashionistas!! Here are some Coolest female old school dressing styles in Nigeria which are still relevant (PHOTOS)


If you think about the modern fashion trends, the first thing that pops up in mind is that modern culture is dominated by many fashion elements of previous decades. Yes, fashion is cyclical and many trends that seemed to be long forgotten do come back often. Learn the coolest old school styles that the fashion industry just can’t get enough of!

Cool female old school dressing in Nigeria

Female old school dressing in Nigeria

Styles come and go like the seasons of the year, but some trends fade away in order to return with renewed vigour. Fashion has become bolder and more sophisticated over time, making it easier for designers and fashion enthusiast to let their creativity fly effortlessly. Check out these latest African old school dressing styles!

Iro and Buba

Iro and Buba

Traditional Yoruba Iro and Buba style of many decades has changed significantly over time, as snappy dressers found modern ways to wear it and turn it into a cool style. You can wear Iro and Buba made with Ankara, chiffon, lace, and other fabrics.

The style once called “mom’s look,” was once known as style choice strictly for married women Now, it has found its way into modern fashion, but super chic and super trendy!

Wide leg palazzo pants

Wide leg palazzo pants

These light pants were quite fashionable back in those days, and they have come back as trendy old school dressing. They certainly have more of a hippie or boho vibe spreading out, and they returned to firmly establish themselves in the wardrobes of fashionistas!

Everyone should have several pairs of these because they are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. This style is best suited for summer. You can make your legs look longer by wearing them with high heels or chic wedge.


Mesh style

Mesh was incredibly popular in the 80s and early 90s. It got a massive makeover worldwide in 2014 when designers gave it a more urban and sporty inspiration. The new mesh style is more modern and stylish, and it feels good to wear it. So, if you think of chic old school dress up ideas, do not hesitate to try mesh!


Denim style

There’s nothing more attractive than a woman in denim. Denim being worn in any form, whether it’s a boyfriend blazer, jeans or cardigan is an essential piece of clothing that has returned to fashion trends.

While denim style is considered to be trendy right now, it is really more classic than anything else.

RayBan Wayfarers


It is no secret that Ray-Ban sunglasses have always been a fashionable item back even in the 80s. They were popular among celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Madonna and others. Surprisingly, they are still in fashion, and we like it!

Ripped Denim

Ripped denim style

Fashion just can’t stay away from ripped denim. This style came back with a bang! Be it mom, boyfriend, skinny, or cuffed, ripped jeans remained popular as the trend started in 70s and 80s. Many trendsetters, fashionistas, and celebrities look gorgeous in these clothes in their daily life. It looks effortless, chic and has a small gauze of men’s fashion.

The oversized blazer jacket

Oversized blazer

The point is that blazer has never left fashion, but after 2000 years they were replaced with tiny skinny blazers with padded shoulder pads, and the blazers ceased to be a fashionable piece of clothing. At best they were a such a mandatory piece of clothing that no one liked, but everyone was supposed to wear to work.

But just a few years ago, over-sized blazer worked so hard to make its comeback to women’s wardrobes and it happened, now even celebrities appear at various events wearing an over-sized blazer..



Chokers, black lipstick and mini-skirts – teen witches of The Craft were more than cool, and they still look amazing. Chokers have remained in fashion for several years. They can be made from different materials, and it is worth noting that this accessory gives a girl an attractive appearance.