You Don’t Need A Lie Detector: Signs To Know He’s Lying

guys lying

Who lies more in a relationship? For some reason, girls tend to think that guys lie more and vice versa. Well, that’s a debate for another day.

guys lying

Today, we are putting the spotlight on guys and exposing their lying ways. A little white lie every now and then won’t hurt anybody, but telling heavy lies like it’s no man’s business is a hobby for most guys. Dating a guy who lies for Africa can be frustrating as he can never be honest with you. It feels like you are a play object in his hands that he can toss around whenever and however. If a guy can’t be honest with you, you need to do yourself some good by learning ways to know when he’s lying.

Here are a few signs to start with.

  1. Avoiding eye contact

This old rule never becomes stale. You know what they say about the eyes being the mirror to the soul? It’s not an exaggeration; you can actually tell when someone is lying by looking them straight in the eye. As a result of this, he subconsciously avoids your gaze so you don’t get to see the truth he’s hiding. This is an obvious sign because most guys are confident especially when they are dealing with their woman, and would look her straight in the eye. If suddenly, he’s looking away when saying something or answering a question you asked, just know that something is amiss.

  1. Touching or scratching of the face

No matter how great a guy is at lying, it’s hard for him to get their body to cooperate when they are telling a lie. While his mouth is delivering the lies like a crammed speech, his body tends to be too slow to catch up. It’s almost like he’s saying something and his body is kicking against it. For most guys, parts of their face like the nose, ears, cheeks or even the eye suddenly begins to itch, and they find themselves scratching without even realising it. This is considered a concrete clue to tell that a guy is lying because unlike girls who are fond of running their hands through their body, guys aren’t that ‘touchy.’ If he touches his face once or twice, it might be a coincidence, but when he does it repeatedly, it’s a clue.

  1. Continuous pauses while talking

This has got nothing to do with speech impairment. For a guy who talks smoothly under normal circumstances, explaining an issue to you shouldn’t be a problem. The thing is, even when a guy has resolved to tell you a lie, he still has to run the lie by his brain during delivery. And since it’s a lie, his brain will have a hard time putting it all together at once. In the process of this internal alignment, he’ll have to pause every now and then, giving his brain a second or two to get acquainted with the fabricated story.