Did Ooni Of Ife’s New Queen, Naomi Oluwaseyi actually stepped on blood??- This is what we know (PHOTOS)


Social media has been buzzing with the news about the wife recently taken in by the Ooni of Ife Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi. Although many people are happy that the king of the famous kingdom in Nigeria has been hooked once again, a lot of controversy has surrounded the new Olori.

One of these controversies basically center on the identity of Naomi Oluwaseyi as an evangelist. Many Nigerians cannot come to grasp with the fact that the new Olori is a professed minister who owns an interdenominational assembly.

This controversy is set against the backdrop of the sacred rites and customs said to be practised within the enclose of the palace. For many people, Naomi’s choice to be the queen of one of the most powerful traditional rulers in Nigeria is a compromise on her part.

The general belief about her compromising state was later fueled by an image of the beautiful woman stepping on what looked like blood during the traditional marriage ceremony to the king.

While many could not get past the fact that this connotes her acceptance of the other religion, a young man identified as Kolawole Oginni on Facebook has taken to explaining that Naomi Ogunwusi did not step on blood.

According to him, what the new Olori walked on during her marriage rites was a red powdery substance called Oosun. Kolawole explained that this powder symbolised a woman walking into her husband’s house hence the name Iyawo Elese Oosun by which it is tagged.

The new Olori wasn’t stepping on blood but ‘Oosùn’ – Nigerian man says
Source: Facebook

Oosun is indeed what is called camwood in the English language. When the red substance is mixed with water, it has the tendency to bear the semblance of blood.

Kolawole has urged those who do not exactly know the way marriage is performed in the western part of the country to ask questions so that they will not be misled. He reiterated that the tradition of this said region will never request a woman to step on blood just so she can be married accordingly to her male partner.

The statement made by Kolawole was confirmed on Facebook by the Palace of the Ooni of Ife. See post below:

The new Olori wasn’t stepping on blood but ‘Oosùn’ – This is from the palace of the Ooni of Ife