Couple Goals!! 11 Lit Couple Styles that will make you want to get married (PHOTOS)


These 11 lit couple styles will make you want to get married, or if you are already married, rush to a photo studio for a couple’s photo- shoot. These pictures make me believe in love again, what about you?

Your wedding is approaching, how is the best way to announce this big day if not with some beautifully taken pre-wedding photographs such as these ones?


Studios may be perfect for photo session, but nowadays, couples can be spontaneous about where they take their pictures.

Cc @mrd1leo in @nathan_slimz_designs

Cc @thefull_windsor

Junkun Couple

Outfit by @rnrklothing

Cc @ms_boss25


Cc @lillyspio

Cc @iconic_beauty__ in dress by @mohb.couture

Photo @iredphotography

A family that slays together….

Peep that sun kissed glow8

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