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Fans are interested in Olaniyi Afonja house and cars. Read an to see a luxury property of the comedian. Let’s see some photos and unexpected facts.

Olaniyi Afonja Sanyeri

What is known about Olaniyi Afonja Sanyeri’s house and cars?

Olaniyi Afonja is an actor popularly known as Sanyeri, he has the house situated in Ikorodu. The actor completed the building of his house in 2012. It is known that Olaniyi Afonja celebrated his 42nd birthday in his millions-naira mansion together with friends and family.

As for Olaniyi Afonja cars, several photos show the actor with luxury cars and even motorcycle, but unfortunately, there is no confirmation which car actually belongs to the actor. All these photos are from his vacation in the US. See also: Richest comedian in the world in 2018

Olaniyi Afonja cars

It is known and confirmed that recently the actor gifted his wife a car. Now actor’s wife drives a white SUV.

Sanyeri's wife

Photo: naijagists.com

There were rumors that Olaniyi Afonja Sanyeri was involved in car accident in 2014, but the actor denied any claims about such accident.

Olaniyi Afonja Sanyeri’s story in brief

The actor was born in Oyo town. After receiving primary and secondary school education, Olaniyi Afonja joined a theater group. It was the start of his actor’s career, in 1996 he moved to Lagos State. To this date, Sanyeri starred in more than 25 movies (among them: Kosi Tabi sugbon, Area Boys, Opa Kan), and gained several notable awards and nominations. See also: Richest Nollywood actors and their net worth

The fans know the actor as Sanyeri, successful Nollywood comedian with excellent acting talent and sense of humor. Fans wait for new roles and hope to find out some more information about house and cars of the actor. So, see more information in the following posts.