Nigeria used to be a colony under the power of the British. However, on October 1, 1960, she was granted her independence.

Nigeria’s independence day is always celebrated on October 1, and it is a national holiday.

Citizens of the country all over the world usually celebrate the day by wearing green and white, the colours of the national flag, as well as taking to social media to share goodwill messages.

Celebrities are also not left out in the celebration as several of them take to their social media pages to share special notes as well as post green and white themed photos.

We gathered a few posts of some celebrities as they celebrate with Nigeria.

Nigeria, like every other country has her ups and downs. However, it is better to remain hopeful and work together for a better Nigeria.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!

Earlier report that some creative Nigerians took to social media to share interesting photos to celebrate Nigeria’s independence.

Despite the many issues surrounding the state of the nation, many people have taken to social media to celebrate Nigeria in their own very unique styles.

Photos of people all dress in the significant colour; green and white, have flooded the Nigerian social media platforms with beautiful messages to accompany them.

A nation not without her own flaws, it is quite impressive to see that a lot of people are still hopeful that Nigeria as a country will get better soon. Even though it is the same message every year, it is refreshing to see optimism in a time like this.