Best chiffon gowns styles for Nigerian ladies to rock in 2018


Chiffon is one of the most favorite materials chosen by fashionistas this season. Nigerian chiffon gowns styles are the real fireworks of colors and textiles, design options, and additional elements of tailoring. What styles of chiffon dresses are trendy in the season 2018?

Nigerian chiffon gowns styles

Chiffon is a noble, beautiful, and very comfortable material for almost any heat. Designers often use it in evening collections because of its beauty. Besides, chiffon is great for everyday wear.

Chiffon gowns styles

Chiffon is a flowing material with excellent and adaptability for draping. These features make it indispensable when sewing clothes for a women’s wardrobe. Chiffon dresses was introduced several centuries ago. And now it meets all the requirements of modern fashionistas.

Chiffon dresses styles

What Nigerian chiffon gowns styles are relevant this season?

Chiffon dresses are represented by a variety of styles. They can be with loose tailoring or tightly fitted, draped or with frills, ruffles, and flounces.

Chiffon gown with pleated skirt
Chiffon corrugated gown

Among the trendy styles of season 2018, there are chiffon gown styles with pleating and corrugated outfits.

Nigerian chiffon gowns styles made of dense textile

Chiffon gowns based on polyester and viscose are distinguished by the fact that they don’t crease in the process of exploitation and for many years retain their original form. But chiffon styles based on cotton and linen is more suitable for making clothes in a strict business style. It’s denser than the previous one and can wrinkle during the process of wearing.

Maxi chiffon gown with lace

The trend in 2018 is chiffon dresses with lace, exquisitely combined with a rather dense skirt and bodice. Trendy lace and chiffon gowns are suitable for evening wear.

Chiffon multi-layered maxi gown
Chiffon gown with asymmetrical hemline

Beautiful chiffon dresses can be single-layered or multi-layered. In the second variant, it’s a set of frills and flounces of different length and splendor. They can form an original skirt with a straight or asymmetrical hemline tailoring and flying frills.

Chiffon gown for a business look

Chiffon gown can also be strict and suitable for everyday life and business look. It’s worth paying attention to styles made from a thin but dense material which is suitable for draping.

Chiffon gown in office style

An elegant chiffon dress shirt can also be a suitable for an office look. If you add sandals, then it can be an outfit for a romantic meeting or trip to the beach. But if you combine such gown with strict classical shoes, an elegant handbag, and exquisite neckerchief, you get the office attire.

Chiffon dress for the office

The latest chiffon styles for season 2018 are direct, free, sufficiently flared and not constraining movements. They can be either maxi or short. It all depends on the image you are planning to create.

Chiffon plain maxi gown
Chiffon raglan long gown

A long chiffon gown has a specific charm. Usually, special tailoring is used for this style. It’s a flared skirt with free-flowing waves and a fitted bodice.

Dense chiffon dresses with raglan sleeves are an actual trend this year. At the same time, keep in mind: deep neckline and cuts are not so relevant in the current fashion season as a year ago.

Festive gown made with different types of chiffon

Another hit of the season is a combination of different types of chiffon in one option. But in this version, a plain color palette must be kept. In 2018, the monochrome look of Nigerian chiffon styles dominates.

Let’s take a closer look at different chiffon dresses styles.

Chiffon short gown with frills
Short chiffon dress

Chiffon short gowns

Young and slim girls prefer chiffon mini dresses. Stylish chiffon short gowns suit girls and women with slender and long legs. But a stylish mini can be quite appropriate in the wardrobe of a middle-aged lady. For this purpose, it’s worth paying attention to the trend 2018: a combination of jeans or trousers with chiffon gown. For such image, you need to buy a chiffon mini dress with a maximum length to the middle of the thigh.

Short chiffon trapeze gown
Midi chiffon trapeze dress

In general, stylists recommend giving preference to free tunics and trapezoid tailoring. You can also pay attention to the O-shaped silhouette. Also, A-shaped silhouette, mini dress shirt, short sundresses on thin straps are also popular.

Chiffon midi gown with a belt
Chiffon flared midi dress

Nigerian chiffon gowns: straight and loose midi styles

Chiffon midi dresses are the most popular styles. They are suitable for girls and women of different body type and age group. Among these options, you can choose the most comfortable items for everyday use.

Chiffon plain midi gown
Short chiffon tunic gown

Wide chiffon gowns 2018 in tunic’s design can be worn with narrow and wide belts, accessories in the ethnic style, sandals, and ballets.

Chiffon gown in a Greek style
Chiffon shirt dress
Chiffon evening maxi gown with decor

Beautiful and elegant dresses for evening look

Festive chiffon gowns in the evening style have an original cut and, most often, the maximum length ‘to the floor.’ At the same time, the midi length for evening attires is good for trendy ‘bat’ style. In such model, a pencil skirt is complemented by an elegant free bodice. It looks quite respectable and can be used as an evening or cocktail dress.

Chiffon evening gown with accentuated waistline

Evening styles of chiffon dresses are used with an accentuated waistline. Designers use elastic fabric or band to underline the waist. Also, the effect can be achieved with a wide belt, encrusted with rhinestones and various decorative elements.

Another trend in 2018 is a presence of a long wide sleeve in the evening dress. The sleeve can end with a cuff or lapel.

Chiffon festive dress in Greek style

The Greek style remains relevant for festive outfits. Pay attention to the options with a long skirt and high waistline.

Chiffon festive one-shoulder gown with trim
Chiffon festive gown with beaded decor

The decoration can be both luxurious and minimal. Most often, the hem and bodice are adorned with beads, rhinestones, brilliantly glittering and all kinds of accessories. A belt is often used as a trim. It can be decorated with a beautiful buckle, bow or flower.

Chiffon midi plus size gown
Maxi chiffon plus size dress

Chiffon gowns for ‘plus size’ ladies

The ideal version of chiffon dress for a plump lady is an item made of dense material that perfectly keeps its shape. The tailoring can be extremely free and flow.

Plus size chiffon dresses with asymmetrical hem

A win-win option for a plus size woman is chiffon dress with asymmetrical hem. If the back of a skirt has the length to the middle of the shin, the front part should be just above the knee. Such design can visually lengthen the silhouette.

Green chiffon gown
Blue chiffon gown

Color palette and prints for chiffon dress styles

A wide range of colors allows you to choose a chiffon outfit for any occasion. The trendy color of the season for chiffon dresses is green. Such outfit looks perfect in combination with yellow or blue floral print. Chiffon gowns made in red, black, and blue colors are popular too.

White chiffon gown with pattern

Elegant chiffon dresses are mostly made in light colors – noble white or delicate pastel. Turquoise is also relevant. Juicy orange and lemon tones give freshness and a bright mood in hot days.

Coral chiffon dress

For office style burgundy, scarlet or marsala colors are perfect. For young ladies, it’s recommended to use coral tones from orange to saturated fuchsia.

Chiffon gown with geometric print
Long chiffon sundress with floral pattern

The absolute trend of 2018 is a chiffon dress with a floral pattern. The print can be executed as large elements of a contrasting tone, and as a small pattern in one color with the base. The latter trend has become popular for several seasons. But the average size buds are not actually. As if erased, slightly blurred patterns emphasize democracy and are great for a vacation wardrobe.

Chiffon flared maxi gown with leopard print

Leopard print is also glamorous for several seasons in a row. Romantic natures have to taste chiffon dresses with polka dots’ pattern. They are represented by a variety of styles: long, short, loose or fitted.

Chiffon and lace festive gown

Chiffon dress styles are excellent choices for events. Besides, simple designs are suitable for every day look too. From a wide variety of styles, you can choose a look perfectly suited for you.