Best Bella Naija iro and buba styles for 2018 (PHOTOS)


What are Bella Naija iro and buba styles 2018? The famous blog pays enough attention to traditional designs. Checkout gorgeous designs of one of Nigeria’s most loved native style on Bella Naija!

Bella Naija iro and buba styles 2018

Iro and buba styles are traditional clothes of Nigerian women. It’s very convenient and beautiful outfit. Almost all modern ladies wear it with pleasure not only for special occasions but also in everyday life.

Iro and buba styles

Buba is rather a spacious blouse item with a small round neckline and wide slightly flared sleeves. The sleeves are usually long or three quarters.

Iro is a long straight wrapper. It’s wrapped around the waist and fixed on it. Sometimes iro is tied with a decorative knot in front or side. The classical version of iro has the length to the floor or midi.

Bella Naija one-colored iro and buba styles 2018

Bella Naija iro and buba styles with classic tailoring

The tailoring of this outfit is quite simple in its classical version. It favorably emphasizes the waist of a woman. The iro and buba design underlines feminine figure, but at the same time, it’s rather modest attire.

Modern fashionistas, keeping pace with the times, make their adjustments to the traditional attire and transform it depending on their taste and fashion trends. Many designers include the iro and buba looks in their collections of clothes.

Bella Naija iro and buba multi-colored style 2018

Bella Naija iro and buba styles

Bella Naija fashion also doesn’t stay away from fashion trends and offers Nigerian ladies interesting versions of iro and buba designs in traditional style.

Bella Naija iro and buba style with complex tailoring

Tailoring of iro and buba styles

As you can see, most fashionistas experiment with buba. For events or daily options they make open shoulders or one bare shoulder. The neckline is often decorated with ruffles and frills in one or several layers.

Bella Naija iro and buba colorful look

As for the sleeves, they can be different. The choice is great: from short sleeves-raglan to long options consisting of several elements. Long sleeves can be narrow or wide, as well as flared to the bottom with cuffs or flounces.

Freer and even a few playful version are made by tying a decorative knot in front or on the side. The knot tips either hide or remain in sight. This kind of tying creates a beautiful drapery and makes a multi-leveled hemline. At the back, it’s longer, and in front or side, it’s slightly shorter.

Bella Naija one-colored iro and buba design

Fabrics and color palette

The light and flowing fabrics for iro and buba styles are also perfect. They are well draped, they can be silk, satin, chiffon, and cotton are good for iro and buba. Excellent outfits are obtained both from monochrome fabrics and textiles with a pattern, for example, Ankara fabric.

Bella Naija black iro and buba style

The outfit can be made in the same color scheme, but you can use different colors and patterns. The classic version is a one-colored iro and a multi-colored top or vice versa. You can take a one-colored fabric with a pattern only at the edges as well as colorful Ankara. A completely black outfit looks original too. It depends what style you want to create.

Bella Naija iro and buba style for office

Bella Naija iro and buba style with decorative feathers

Bella Naija classic iro and buba design

As you can see from the photos, Bellanaija iro and buba styles can be worn on different occasions. For the wedding ceremony, you can choose a more traditional option and in an informal setting, even the most creative design solution of iro and buba style looks great!