BBN Wonderland Bride-to-be Ewela and her beau Obehi’s Pre-Wedding + Love Story #BehLa1804 (PHOTOS)


BBN Wonderland bride-to-be Eweala who is a dental surgeon will be saying I Do to the love of her life Obehi this weekend. Their love story began when friends decided to play cupid. Can we add that friends like these are the real MVP?

Time would pass before the bride-to-be decided to say yes to the first date and from then till now, the couple’s love has kept growing by leaps and bounds.

Their pre-wedding look was a beautiful mix of denim on denim, old school afro-pop and a blue dinner vibe.

Counting down to #BehLa1804!

Here is a little backstory of how they met.

How We Met

By The Bride-to-be, Ewela

I was in dental school preparing for final year exams when I got a message from a strange number. My first reaction was “Who is this one again?” I finally got to know that some people who know the both of us decided to play Cupid. They sent my number to him and took it upon themselves to make sure he calls. I must add, against his own wish also.

I was not even interested in having any romantic relationship at the time because of how challenging school was. So, I really gave him a tough time oh! Major friend zoning. He asked me out several times. In fact, at some point, I thought I had finally succeeded in driving this guy away but this dude came back even stronger. Lol!