Amazing Instagram Ankara Styles We Saw Over The Weekend (PHOTOS)


We all love when designers do something new and give ankara styles a twist, just like the outfit worn by @ogo____ which was made by @_houseofnessa.

Over the weekend, apart from Ogo’s lovely attires, we also came across other styles that we knew might interest you.

In this post, there is something for everyone. There are the new and creative designs, there is mix and match of other fabrics with ankara, there are the mini, midi and the maxi length dresses too. Whatever line your taste runs along, you will certainly find satisfaction here.

Cc @ogo____-in @_houseofnessa

Cc @samanthaubani

Cc @mishono_ya_vitenge_na_fundi

Cc @finieecouture

Cc @_its_eyramgh in @akorfaswardrobe

Cc @thatisalekochick

Design by @true.fond

Dress by @annieeys_

Cc @philglamscouture

Cc @shally_ladiva in @sccollection__

Cc @abi_kd in Design by @odiomimonet