After eating 8 plantains and 6 eggs, you won’t believe what happened to this lady in the office


A beautiful Nigerian lady has just revealed how she almost died from eating too much. Identified as Stephanie C. Odili of Twitter, she also disclosed how her friends know that she loves food.

Odili on Thursday, January 25, disclosed that her mom had earlier complained people not eating the plantain and eggs she bought and as someone who does not enjoy wasting food, she decided to fry about eight plantains and six eggs so she can share with her friends at work.

On getting to the office, Odili discovered that her friends did not show up in the office and decided to start eating the food alone. After almost finishing the meal, she discovered that her eyes began closing and her legs and hands getting numb as well.

Her post reads: “All my friends know me as a foodie. In fact, I can do anything for food. I just don’t eat a lot, I eat in extra large portions. But today, I am convinced that someone else lives inside of me. What happened this morning almost killed me, I almost died. So my mum had been complaining that no one was eating the plantain she bought as well as eggs and she won’t buy again. So I decided to bone face this morning and fry some plantain and egg. I even thought of @ogeogwe and @Mz_Tomiiee then I remembered the latter was fasting. Finally I fried 8 plantains and 6 eggs so that both of us can have enough to eat. I was happy with myself. I even added two galas and malt to my meal. Only for me to get to work and realise that @ogeogwe wasn’t coming in today. Here I was with a cooler filled with plantain and egg.

I am like, abeggi it’s not that big. So i started eating this food all by myself hoping that at some point common sense and fear of God will stop me. But not Chizoba Odili. I continued eating and eating. Until something stopped me. It was neither common sense nor the fear of God. I saw that my hands were slow and my eyes didn’t seem to see the cooler again. In essence, I was losing consciousness. Fainting was catching me and my hands and legs and mouth had become numb. My stomach looked like Beyonce’s in her 3rd trimester. I was falling off the chair.

I just calmly told God that of all the ways to die it cannot be like this. For food! In the office! On top 8 plantains and 6 eggs!! I prayed softly until the Holy Spirit adjusted me on the chair and I was beginning to place my focus where it needed to be. I smiled my last smile and just rested my head on the table. It’s been an hour now and I have come back to life.

This morning was a typical example of ‘na enjoyment kill am’. Please please and please don’t come near me with dodo and egg again. EVER! The other person that lives in my stomach that finished all that food, I have no words for you. All this seems very funny hours after but I kid you not. I felt myself passing away. I couldn’t breathe or move my body.”

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