ACP Yomi Shogunle reveals doing ‘kerewa’ in the car is not a crime in Nigeria, Nigerians react


Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Yomi Shogunle, has sparked a heated debate online after he stated that having intercourse in a car is not a crime in Nigeria. ACP Yomi mentioned this in response to a social media user who asked if getting intimate in a vehicle is a crime.

His response immediately went viral with many commending him for apparently giving a free pass to young Nigerians to get freaky in public without expecting any harassment from the police.


However, ACP Shogunle stated some conditions that must not be disobeyed if the practice of such in a car is to be enjoyed. He mentioned that as far as the following are met then doing ‘kerewa’ in a car is not a crime: Location is not a place of worship, parties are 18 and over, it is a consensual act and both parties are not same sex. Shogunle also advised that if there’s anyone who gets arrested they should contact the Nigerian Police Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit.

Some Nigerians reacted to the news of people being able to get freaky in a car. While some praised the ACP for his comment, others suggested that they curb some excesses that might arise from this new found freedom.

Read some reactions below:

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