6 Nollywood actors who have come out to say they are broke (PHOTOS)


There are many who believe that actors earn a lot of money simply because they appear on their TV, tablet, or laptop screens. While there are some who do earn big, a large number earn very little.

Actor Femi Ogedengbe brought this to the forefront when he released a video confirming that he moved to the US to work as a security guard. This is despite him having a ‘career’ in Nollywood.

Veteran comedian Ali Baba also spoke out in his support confirming that most of the wealth flaunted by actors does not come from their acting fees.

As a result, we curated a list of actors who have come out to reveal their dire financial status at some point in their lives.

1. Baba Sala

6 actors who have revealed their ‘broke’ financial status publicly

Known for his popular movies like Orun Mooru, Aare Agbaye, Diamond and Ana, veteran comedian and actor Moses Olaiya aka Baba Sala once cried out for financial help to treat himself.

At the time, his first son, Reverend Dele Adejumo, said that all business investments of the aged veteran have been ruined by circumstances and poor management.

2. Ernest Asuzu

6 actors who have revealed their ‘broke’ financial status publicly

Many where shocked when news reports said bad boy actor Ernest Asuzu was spotted begging at a popular mall in Surulere, Lagos.

Ernest was said to have suffered a stroke and was recovering when he was seen asking passersby for a handout.

Fast forward to 2016, after details of his travails went viral, the actor was gifted with a brand new jeep and cash to start afresh by a Warri based Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin. He was also given the sum of 1.5 million naira to start up a new life.

3. Kayode Odumosu

6 actors who have revealed their ‘broke’ financial status publicly

For Kayode Odumosu aka Pa Kasunmu, his financial status became dire after he had to nurse both liver and heart ailments. He revealed in an interview he granted in 2011 that he went broke as a result of the expensive dr*gs he was mandated to use.

4. Dejumo Lewis

6 actors who have revealed their ‘broke’ financial status publicly

Veteran actor Dejumo Lewis in 2015 revealed in a candid interview that he was broke. Known for his role as Kabiyesi in The Village Headmaster, he said despite the legend and icon label attached to his name, he was one of the poorest paid actors in Nollywood.

“I had to struggle to pay my rent and my staff. I must admit that right now, I am indebted to the management of the hotel that I am staying. I also owe two of my staff more than three months’ salary. They have been so loyal and committed to me,” he told Punch.

5. Uche Oduputa

6 actors who have revealed their ‘broke’ financial status publicly

In 2007, news broke that rising actor Uche Oduputa was arrested for trafficking dr*gs and he was subsequently jailed. He ended up spending two years and three weeks behind bars.

In a recent interview with Broadway TV, he revealed that his financial situation led him into trafficking. According to him, he thought it would change his condition since he wasn’t getting any substantial movie roles at the time and couldn’t afford to feed or house his family.

6. Tajudeen Oyewole

6 actors who have revealed their ‘broke’ financial status publicly

Veteran actor Tajudeen Oyewole popularly known as Abija revealed that even though he was known far and wide, he does not have a roof over his head.

“I am not rich; I don’t have a roof over my head, which is part of measuring one’s wealth in this part of the world; I don’t even have a land,” he told The Nation. He added that the money realized from acting is just not much, or even as enough as their fans think.