20 Trendy and bright ankara jumpsuit styles for plus size ladies (PHOTOS)


Do you think that jumpsuits are only for slim girls? Read our review, and we can help you add diversity to your wardrobe with bright and stylish ankara jumpsuits. Check the latest ankara jumpsuit styles for plus size ladies and be in trend!

Ankara jumpsuit styles for plus size


For many Nigerian women, ankara jumpsuits are a favorite part of the wardrobe in a wide range of plus size ankara styles.

Ankara jumpsuit styles

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Wide trousers allow you to look stylish, feminine and young. For ladies with very plump legs, jumpsuits are another way to prevent skin rubbing while walking. It’s a universal item, suitable for daily business use as well as for special occasions.

Ankara jumpsuit for plus size with floral pattern

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The main trends of ankara jumpsuit styles for plus size for 2018 are:

  • one-shoulder models – asymmetry
  • open shoulders
  • geometric pattern
  • metalized decor
  • lace inserts or trim
  • floral prints
  • cuts and notches
  • strips

Ankara jumpsuit for plus size with wide trousers

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Ankara jumpsuit is comfortable and practical clothing, endowed with the desired attractiveness. Moreover, jumpsuits can hide extra pounds if you choose.

Ankara jumpsuit for plus size with frills

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Tips for choosing jumpsuit styles on a plus size figure

Ankara jumpsuit is practical and aesthetic clothing. Just a few years ago, designers drew attention to the strict and elegant overalls, deciding to improve their design. Ladies need both casual and evening beautiful ankara styles.

You can rock with ankara jumpsuits. For example, choosing a jumpsuit, our plus size sisters can hide a few pounds with colour and style.

Ankara jumpsuit with loose pants

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The pants with loose and straight tailoring can successfully hide the large hips, visually making the figure more slender. This style makes a woman visually slimmer and taller.

Ankara jumpsuit of pastel colors for plus size

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Ankara jumpsuits for hot weather should not steam. Black and many dark colors can underline the extra pounds off your figure. On a hot day, bright ankara patterned, and plain fabrics are perfect.

A tip: don’t choose jumpsuits with large straps, as well as dark colors, if you do not want to emphasize the plus size figure.

Ankara jumpsuit for office

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Latest jumpsuit styles

Ankara jumpsuit for office

Who says that ankara jumpsuit is not good for office? If you choose such outfit for office, your colleagues will understand that you know the latest trends. Of course, the item should be selected with taste.

Pastel colored jumpsuits appeal to women with different taste preferences in clothes. It’s what you need for the business look. Just add a thin belt to the outfit to underline your waistline.

Short Ankara jumpsuit for plus size

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Short Ankara jumpsuits

Plus size ladies can feel comfortable in short jumpsuits of beach collections offered by most plus size designers. Striped versions of such an outfit have become classic, gaining the trust of many women around the world. But don’t take options with wide strips. They more likely add volume to your shape.

Ankara jumpsuit with zigzags’ pattern is an excellent item for a plump girl. In this case, there is a great variety of choices among small, large, contrasting, black, colorful and graphic patterns.

Short Ankara jumpsuit

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At the moment, ankara jumpsuits for slim or plus size ladies don’t differ much in any way. The difference is only in size. Many modern fashion designers offer women with extra pounds the most diverse, colorful and bright models. And ladies feel comfortable and attractive in the designs.

Some styles have a cord at the waist. Such an element can be at the bottom of the pants too. It allows you to adjust the size of the waist and serves as a clamp on the ankle area. Dealing with any business in this outfit is easy.

Ankara evening jumpsuit for plus size

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Ankara evening jumpsuits

For an evening occasion, a jumpsuit with classic straight trousers and an upper part in the form of a shirt is suitable. A slightly unbuttoned shirt can make your look more attractive and add some piquancy to the image. The outfit is appropriate for plus size ladies of any height. And it deserves your attention.

Ankara jumpsuit for ladies with extra pounds

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Some ladies want to hide their voluminous hips, while the others dislike large arms and shoulders. Ankara jumpsuits are an excellent tool for hiding the parts of the figure that you do not want to show.

Ankara colorful jumpsuit for plus size

Ankara colorful jumpsuit for plus size lady, picture from www.zaineey.com

An excellent trick is the use of different colors and patterns for the top and bottom of the item. A combination of blue and beige, blue and sand have great popularity in the fashion world.

Ankara jumpsuit for plus size ladies

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Ankara styles for women, allow big bold and beautiful ladies show off their attractiveness, beauty and get comfortable in their own skin with ankara jumpsuits.

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