20 beautiful natural hairstyles for Nigerian women in 2018 (PHOTOS)


If you have natural hair, you probably know how difficult it is to style it properly. However, you should not worry – we have prepared some classic and timeless looks that you could use on your hair to make it look amazing. Learn how to pack short natural hair and be proud of it!

How to pack natural hair: best styles in 2018

How to pack your natural hair: best tips

Maybe natural hair was not always a trend because it was quite difficult to care about, but today more and more African women start rocking it and being proud. Nowadays, you can see women with natural hair everywhere, and they make plenty of different lovely hairstyles. If you are having a problem with styling your hair, you should not panic – perhaps one of these ways described in our article is just for you? Here, you will learn how to style natural black hair at home, without even having to go to the stylist.


1. Twist and scarf updo

This chic hairstyle is really elegant and goes with most of the clothing you choose, no matter if it is chic or casual. Besides, there are a lot of scarves that you can use – basically of any color or length. For making this hairstyle even more interesting, you can twist the front of the hair while putting the back of your hair in a pretty updo. Then, you can tie the scarf around your hair to complete your gorgeous look.

Twist and scarf updo

2. Bantu knots

The famous Bantu knots, which have been worn by multiple celebrities, are becoming more and more popular among regular people. They are quite tedious to do, but once you have some practice, you will become a Bantu knots professional! This is one of the best ways how to pack short natural hair. You can read our guide on how to make Bantu knots and Bantu knot-out below.

Bantu knots

3. Braid-out style

If you do a braid out style, you can later opt for the cornrows or do another kind of box braided hairstyles. When you make braids and then take them out the next day, your hair will have a lot of volume and beauty. This is one of the most popular natural hairstyles for medium length hair.

Braid-out style

4. Spiraled braid

This hairstyle will protect you from cold winter when you would rather have the ends tucked in. Aside from being versatile, it also looks extremely elegant and lovely. By the way, if you undo the spiral braid, you can have another cool hairstyle out of it. This one is definitely worth trying out!

Spiraled braid

5. Ultimate curls

This hairstyle will help the women with natural hair embrace themselves and their lovely hair patterns. By the way, if you want to make sure your curls are always staying soft, you should deep-condition them before you start styling. Moistening your hair is the key to its health.

Ultimate curls

6. Top bun

It is not easy to find a perfect way to tame your texture, but doing your hair in a bun is really convenient, while also being chic and nice. In case you have long hair, this is the best way to keep your hair away from the face, or do your hair on the particularly lazy day. You can always add the hair band or scarf to make your look even more appealing.

Top bun

7. Marley twists

Doing Marley twists is not so time-consuming, but they will stay for a long time and showcase all the charm and appeal of your natural hair. This is one of the natural hairstyles for long hair, which is incredibly popular among the African women. Many of the Marley twists fans go as far as adding some accessories to their twisted hair strands, gathering them into a lovely bun or ponytail, or braiding them between each other.

Marley twists

8. Box braids

If you feel like Marley twists are not your thing, you can always opt for the box braids. They always look lovely and expand the whole variety of options in front of you – you can go creative with the hairstyle, decorate them with beads or other accessories, or dye them in an interesting color. Once you style box braids, you are free to do whatever you like with them.

Box braids

9. Box braid Bantu knots

Yeah, you can mix box braids and Bantu knots together! This will add some extra uniqueness to your hairstyle. To make it even more attractive, you can dye your braids in different colors, so your Bantu knots will come in two or more color palette. Many people also wear accessories like earrings, sunglasses, chokers, and necklaces with this hairstyle.

Box braid Bantu knots

10. Braided updo

This hair is not just cute, but also protective. The ends of your hair will be kept away from all the kinds of environmental stress, and it does not take long to style an updo. It will also show the features of your beautiful face, and give you a chance to wear your favourite accessories so everyone can see and appreciate them.

Braided updo

11. Twisted updo

This is basically the ultimate curls look, only for more rebellious and fierce ladies. If you like wearing short hairstyles and are not keen on growing your hair, you can try this one. You can just pin your hair towards the front of the head, by later twisting it in three sections in the back portion. It is recommended to use a cream for styling instead of the gel because it will offer your hair control and moisture. You can finish up with applying the moisturizing serum.

Twisted updo

12. Cinnamon-roll updo

This one is a really unique and interesting hairstyle, which perfectly suits women with short or middle-length natural hair. Cinnamon-roll updo has nothing in common with braids, coils, or twists – but it has its own special appeal and always catches the interest of young women with natural hair. You can do it either with the help of your stylist or on your own following some guides.

Cinnamon-roll updo

13. Goddess braid

Here is one more charming and elegant hairdo that you can wear anywhere, including work. Some workers with natural hair worry about their co-workers thinking that natural hair is not appropriate. Of course, this is not true, but if these thoughts will not let you go, and you feel silent judgment from your co-workers who are not as progressive, you can try making a goddess braid, which will work perfectly in any office. By the way, this hair can later result into a twist out or rod set if you wish to have curly hair afterwards.

Goddess braid

14. Curly fauxhawk

This hairstyle is not so simple to make, but if you have a qualified stylist, you can always get it and rock it with pride. If you are a rebel at heart, this one would be just for you. Curly fauxhawk with braids on the sides will turn everyone’s heads. However, the side braids should not be tightened too much, and the hair has to be hydrated often.

Curly fauxhawk

15. Faux undercut

The faux undercut is similar to the fauxhawk, with one exception – faux undercut means you braid one side of your hair, and the other side is left loose. Either way, it is no less interesting than its predecessor.

Faux undercut

16. Voluminous curls

Why are afro hairstyles so loved by African ladies? Because they are noticeable, bouncy, and voluminous. These curls will symbolize the freedom of mind, as they fall on your face and the wind gently rocks them. However, moistening them should become your regular tradition.

Voluminous curls

17. Soft twists

This is another loose hairstyle for those who like natural curls and short hair. While updos can put unneeded tension on your hair, the loose soft twists can make it relaxed. It will always make you look charming and fun-loving.

Soft twists

18. Double buns

The buns on natural hair are a new trend. Many black celebrities, particularly Janelle Monae, wore this hairstyle to the official events. So, you can follow their lead and create lovely buns on your head. This is not difficult: you should just part your hair in the middle with leaving out bangs in case you have them, make high pigtails, and wrap your hair around the bases of each pigtail. It will look even better with nice makeup and accessories.

Double buns

19. Half-up, half-down

There are some days when you do not need unnecessary hair on your face. In this case, you can choose an interesting option of wrapping your hair in a half-up, half-down style. Your hair strands will never bother you during doing something important! This can also be a perfect style for lazy days.

Half up half down

20. Pineapple

Want to preserve your curly hair after you did a twist-out? The lovely high ponytail will be a solution. This is the hairstyle both for wild party girls and for cute shy ones – you can add basically any accessories and makeup to it, and choose any clothing style you want.


These were all the latest ways how to style your natural hair, which you can own and rock in 2018. Your natural hair is beautiful, and you should be absolutely proud of it!

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