10 Latest Fringe Asoebi Styles – See Yemi Alade Rocking one of the styles (PHOTOS)


It’s been over a year and we are still talking about the fringe trend. We are on our fringe asoebl styles lookbook 22…..and still counting. This can only mean that this trend is not abating any time soon; it only seems to be waxing stronger.

We are very particular about the styles we bring your way as we try to keep you up to date with the latest style trends and we hope that we have been doing justice to that?


My favourite of this lot has to be that Tubo dress made for Lily Afe; this dress is fabulous, classy and just too hawt for word.

Cc @lillyafe in @tubo__

Fabric @kubisfabrics

Cc @yemialade

Cc @imperfect_mo

Photography by @tope_horpload

Peach fringe dress with bell sleeves

Cc @jayne_onyx

Cc @missy_caydee

Cc @ms_seyitan


Cc @braxietoby in @bxfrox

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