Woman With 32S [email protected] Begs Botched Doctors To Give Her A Large Bum To Match (Video, Photos 18+)


She’s back in our faces, this time, asking doctors to give her a butt that will match her 32S breasts.

New photos of Martina shows she has stopped taking the tan injections but she hasn’t stopped pumping her breasts.

Has permanent valves under her arms so she can pump her boobs. To get the kind of boobs she has, the 28-year-old had seven pints of saline put in each boob, coupled with pumping them often. She has now turned to TV doctors, asking them to help her have a butt to match the boobs, which she says are the biggest in Europe.

Martha from Germany, who used to work as a flight attendant but quit her job because she wanted to get work done on her boobs, said flight attendants can have breast surgery but only small”, whereas she wanted really large ones.

She told Botched: “I have the biggest boobs in Europe but I need my butt to match my boobs. I started thinking I should look like Barbie when I was 11. I love Barbie because of her long wavy blonde hair, nice curves, full lips, small waist and her long legs – but her boobs are a little bit too boring.”

In 2012, she decided to change her body from head to toe. She started with a nose job and porcelain veneers on her teeth before moving on to a boob job.

She said: “My implants started at a 32D. There is a tube and a water balloon inside and I have pumped up my boobs 18 times with saline and this is now 3700 CC, 9lbs each.

But because I had liposuction to get long legs my butt is a little bit too flat. So I need really huge butt implants that I can control my size to grow bigger and bigger. As my name says I’m ‘Big’ – but not big enough.”

She added: “My liposuction was a really bad idea. I hope the doctors will realise my dream of getting bigger and bigger.”

Before meeting with the plastic surgeons on the Botched show, Martina’s boyfriend Michael is seen stuffing water balloons down her leggings to see what her post-surgery body would look like. This same boyfriend encouraged her when she was taking tan injections and even had some of the injection to make himself slightly darker.

He tells her: “This is a really extreme curvy look. I like it.”

Botched doctors, Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow, were really shocked on seeing the size of her breasts and one of them said: “Those breasts are ginormous. How could she even walk without toppling over?”

The second doctor, Dubrow, warned that Martina’s method of pumping up her boobs could prove dangerous.

He added: “Tissue expanders are safe in the short term but not in the long term. If you keep using them you expose yourself to the risk of losing both breasts.”

Dr Dubrow went on to warn her that the butt surgery she wants is not a good idea.

“This particular surgery is a very bad idea. There are several reasons why this area (the bottom) is not the same as this area (the boobs),” Dr Dubrow told her.

Martina was given implants to put in her tights and then ask her to sit down. The implants were only half the size of the butt she wants but the moment she sat, one of them burst. She finally admitted that getting very big saline implants in her bum was not realistic.

She said: “Sitting on saline implants is like sitting on rubber. I think you’re right. The fantasy is not real. Now I am more realistic and I still want a bigger butt, but not that extreme.”

The episode will be aired on Tuesday by 9 p.m. on E! Below are more photos and a snippet.

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