Woman, 28 forced to Str!p at Airport to prove her identity after dramatic 82.5 kg Weight Loss (photos)


A 28-year-old British woman was forced to strip from the waist up and show her weight loss surgery scars to airport security to prove her identity.

Fiona Murray was at Izmir airport in Turkey returning to Britain when airport security doubted that the picture on her passport was hers.

Murray has lost about half her body weight—a whooping 82.5kg—in four years in a dramatic weight loss transformation. She initially weighed about 165kg.

Fiona Murray displays the passport photo airport officials doubted was hers

As a result of her weight loss, she had to undergo seven surgeries to remove sagging skin, which left her with scars that she used to prove her identity.

In a recent interview, she said: “I felt violated and victimized. I was distraught. It was an invasion of my personal space. They must have thought I was using a stolen passport. I felt horrible. I felt like they were laughing at me.”

Murray before her weight loss. She weighed about 165kg

She added that the airport officials did not apologize or show empathy for what they had put her through.

She also said she felt as if they were abusing their power, insisting that the whole process was unnecessary because she doesn’t look different facially from her passport photo.

Murray’s passport photo