Wizkid’s Net Worth: See All What Wizkid Acquired Ever Since He Started The Hustling


Wizkid is the regular participant in the top ten list of the richest Nigerian musicians list. Due to hard work, this young singer has already gained both fame and money.

Now he owns luxurious cars, expensive houses, and many other precious things. What is Wizkid net worth? How rich is the singer? This article will show you the most relevant facts.

In 2010, the so-called “Nigerian Justin Bieber,” Wizkid, became well known. It happened due to his prominent hit titled “Holla at Your Boy.” Since that time, the singer started pocketing the real money.

Many Wizkid fans and enemies have constantly been arguing about Wizkid net worth. The reason of it is pure envy. All of them consider that they must know, for example, how much Wizkid cars and house cost.


Wizkid net worth:

As for January 2017, according to numerous financial reports, Wizkid net worth is over 14 million dollars. For about three years already, the prominent singer gets the stable income from such reputable monetization platforms as Spinlet, ITunes, and YouTube.?

In 2013, Wizkid founded Starboy Entertainment record label. Nigerian music experts called this a prominent and moneymaking step by Wizkid. Soon the celebrated Starboy became almost the most expensive entertainer in Nigeria. Depending on the details, he received from four to six million of naira for each show.

Wizkid`s contracts:

Pepsi. In 2012, Wizkid signed his third contract with Pepsi for 350 thousand dollars.

MTN. In 2013, Wizkid signed a 110 million naira contract with the biggest multinational Telecommunication Company – MTN.

Globacom. In 2015, the singer started collaborating with the largest Nigerian Telecommunication Company – Globacom. Wizkid became the company`s official ambassador. Insider reports informed that such a fruitful collaboration allowed Wizkid pocketing 180 million naira.

Wizkid house:

The prominent Nigerian musician owns an expensive mansion. Wizkid house in Lekki costs more than 70 million naira. There is an interesting fact about Wizkid`s house. He did not buy it. The musician built it from scratch. After the building was over, Wizkid immediately shared pictures of his Lekki house.

On March 2016, Ayodeji Wizkid Balogun wrote on his Instagram that he had bought an amazing house in Los Angeles.

He did not announce the price but shared a photo of his new American mansion.

Wizkid adores cars very much. Since he has earned money, the singer can afford several expensive automobiles.


Wizkid cars are:

Mercedes 2012 Compressor (N10 million)
Black Honda Accord I-VTEC (N8 million)
Hyundai Sonata (N6.5 million)
Porsche Panamera (over N15 million). This car was crashed in an accident
Wizkid`s Porsche Panamera
BMW X6 (almost N12 million)
Bentley (N45.5 million)
Porsche Cayenne (N18 million)


Wizkid net worth is above 14 million dollars. He has several expensive cars and a luxurious house in Lekki. Many people keep on watching the prominent Nigerian singer enviously. However, the considerable part of Wizkid`s fans perfectly realizes that only hard everyday work allowed the singer becoming both rich and famous.