What is the best name for your kid? Here is a List of uncommon Yoruba names and their Meaning

Yoruba Names

Picking a suitable name for their kid is the first significant task that lies in front of every parent. And while some people just choose a name from a list of the most popular ones, others want to add more uniqueness to their child. After all, why give someone a name that is already possessed by thousands of people? If you’re looking for beautiful and uncommon Yoruba names, continue reading below!

Yoruba mother with children

Yoruba names

A lot of ethnic groups put value in naming their kids, but the Yoruba community takes it to the next level. For them, choosing a name for their child is the same as picking a life path for them. The name defines who the girl or boy is and who they’ll become. Some parents give their kids two, three or even more names.

The Yoruba language doesn’t use a name just because it sounds pretty. Each name has a meaning. Some describe the conditions surrounding the birth. Others carry significant information about the child’s parents. The third kind is dedicated to celebrating the birth itself. A couple of names even contain an entire story within them. There are also numerous names that use metaphors that can’t be translated into the English language without losing a part of its meaning.

Yoruba couple choosing a name

After reading everything above, you can understand why Yoruba people wear their names like a badge of honor. One of the biggest compliments to a member of this ethnic group is to hear that they are doing their name justice.

However, with each year more and more parents are searching for more unique names. They have grown tired of Ade, Ola, Ayo, and Wale. As beautiful as those names are, they want their child to stand out. If you are one of them, we’ve prepared a list of Yoruba female and male names just for you!

Uncommon Yoruba girl names

Yoruba baby shower

Meaning: Tiny bird

What name can better convey the delicate beauty of your baby girl than one that means “a palm bird”?

Meaning: Reward of prayers

There are many names that thank God for gifting the family a child and this is one of the most unique options to express your gratitude.

Little Yoruba girl

  • Ewatomi Ewa

Meaning: Beauty is all that is needed

Both outer and inner beauty are one of the most important virtues, so why not bless your daughter with them?

Meaning: Use this as a story

Meaning: One that is constantly protected by the Lord

Life is full of dangers and troubles, and this name can help protect your baby on his/her path.

Mother with little girl

  • Olanrewaju

Meaning: Wealth resides in the future

We must always hope for a better tomorrow, and this name reflects that belief.

Meaning: A child that came down from Heaven

  • Moraanugba

Meaning: I was given mercy

  • Sibesibeoluwanbepelumi (short form – Pelumi)

Meaning: God loves no matter what

Although the long form may be tiresome to pronounce for someone, this name is as unique as it gets.

Uncommon Yoruba boy names

Yoruba family

Meaning: Travel home with me

If you want your son to grow up to be a responsible and friendly man, this name is an excellent choice!

Meaning: Never leave my side

This name has a double meaning. It can relate to the mother wanting to always be with her baby, and, later in life, for your son to stay with his beloved.

Meaning: One who brings joy with himself

This name doesn’t only mean that your son has brought joy to you with his birth, but will also spread cheer to everyone during his entire life.

Meaning: Testimony

Yoruba mother with baby boy

  • Farayioluwa

Meaning: I trust in God

Meaning: Respect and honour me

In our modern world, we all have to fight for respect and decent treatment from others. Let your child’s name declare that he is a person with integrity.

Meaning: Joy must never be destroyed

Yoruba baby boy sleeping

Meaning: One who wards off all evil in life

This old Yoruba name is believed to have supernatural power in repelling all evil happenings.

Meaning: Come closer to me

Meaning: No one knows tomorrow

Not only is the meaning of this name a universal truth, it will also help your child to grow as a wise man.

Beautiful Yoruba name for boy

If you’d like some more advice on how to pick a Yoruba name for your child, here are a few tips:

  1. Make sure it’s relatively easy to pronounce;
  2. Try to choose a name that doesn’t have a complicated spelling;
  3. Strive to pick a name that can be shortened;
  4. Try to make it as unique as possible, ignoring beginnings like Olu, Ade, etc.

Now you know how important picking the right name is and have a list of meaningful uncommon Yoruba names. Be sure to share it with your friends that are expecting a baby, and tell us what your favorite Yoruba name is!