We Got them for you!! Sexy Owambe Aso Ebi Styles To Wrap Up The Year (PHOTOS)


Asoebi inspiration is bound to come week-in and week-out; it can never go out of the fashion scene. Fashion is an unending game of creativity and these styles are bound to leave you wowed, trust me.

Some of these outfits are so lovely, you wonder if the designer has “two heads” (Nigerian parents’ way of saying no other student should be better than you in class).

They are creatively designed, cut and sewed to give the overall effect of a “masterpiece creation.”

Cc @lushdiva_ in @vebbs_

Lady in @t16worldoffashion

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Lady in @fattush_

Cc @towyeen in @somobysomo

Cc @zenfitpro_ng in @marveeofficial

Cc @msbukkyolofin in Outfit by @elanfashion_ng

Cc @chiniellabeauty in @redruby_bysplit x @turbantempest

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