See the face of the elderly man who stole inside Arik flihjy heading from Lagos to Abuja (photos, videos)


What could have been a peaceful flight for passengers aboard Arik Air heading to Abuja from Lagos was disrupted after a man was caught stealing.

The early morning flight got delayed as passengers disgraced the elderly man who was said to have stolen some things before he was handed over to the security personnel.

JJ. Omojuwa shared the video of the thief on his Twitter page. Passengers played the role of detectives by asking the man what he hoped to achieve doing that.

The elderly man bending his head in shame after being caught.

They also went on to ask if it was his first time of doing so as people could not comprehend why a man of his age could stoop as low as that.

Check out the initial tweet made on the issue:

Some passengers went on to probe if it was the devil that pushed him as most people claim when caught doing something bad. While questions were being asked here and there it was discovered he was not alone.

The bag belonging to the elderly man.

The captain revealed that thieves like that put their luggage in other people’s seats so they could go back there to steal from unsuspecting passengers in the plane.

Arik Air crew had been watching out for the thief; they watched him steal the money and put it into his bag before making a move.

Security operatives were called in to arrest the thieves.

They did not want the thief to deny stealing the money as he could have claimed it was a mistake. Upon being caught, the man denied being the owner of the bag after being caught.

Another thief taking out a planted bag as he was being led out by security operatives.

Check out the other tweets generated from the post:

Omojuwa also used the medium to sensitize the public on the things they need to do while traveling in the plane. People are advised to put their bags directly opposite them and not directly over their heads as they may not be able to monitor the bags from where they are seated.

What could an elderly man be thinking before thinking of setting out to steal in an aeroplane? Did he actually paid the flight fare to go steal in the plane?