Police arrests 10 armed robbers in Lagos; watch their confessions on how they operate (photos)


Some armed robbers who have been terrorising the Ipaja Ayobo area of Lagos state have been apprehended by operatives of the Rapid Response Squad.

RRS arrests notorious robbery gang in Lagos (photos/ video)

Armed robbery gang arrested by RRS operatives. Credit: Facebook, RRS

According to report, the gang which specialised in breaking into innocent people’s homes in Lagos stole vehicles and personal belongings before selling the cars to a dealer in Onitsha.

The gang members confessed that they have been carrying out the operation for more than two years.

The police said the vehicles which were stolen and taken to Onitsha were retrieved and returned to their owners.

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They were not born in Ayobo – Ipaja, neither do they live there. They are the guests of the residents of these areas at night. They were born, bred and have lived all their lives in Ajegunle. Their specialty is what took them to these areas on choice visits.

They are the robbers that have terrorized residents of these communities for a long period, breaking into flats at the dead of the night, helping themselves to their victims’ food, collecting jewelleries, packing clothes, shoes, electronics and using their victims’ vehicles to cart away their loot.

For these residents of Ayobo – Ipaja, they would now know how to sleep with their two eyes closed. The gang, comprising of their leader, Nsima Uttah (33) a.k.a Cman, Abayomi James (34), Omokaro Efe (48),Samuel Shokunbi (34)and Augustine Uchenna (47), were all picked up one after the other in a three week painstaking investigation and rigorous questioning by the Decoy Team of Rapid Response Squad Unit of Lagos State Police Command.

Also arrested with the gang in Ajegunle were their armourers: Joseph Uzuozomaro (31) and Chukwudi Onyemara (27); the car dealer that buys stolen cars from them in Onitsha, Melvin Umeh (33); the man that perfects their stolen vehicle papers, Udoh Benedict (39) and the buyer of their stolen goods, Ahmed Waheed.

Retrieved from them, were six cars which the gang stole from victims in Ayobo – Ipaja and sold to a car dealer in Onitsha. The cars were retrieved from those who bought them and returned to Lagos state by the Decoy Team of Rapid Response Squad. For two weeks, the team combed Onitsha and its surrounding towns to recover the vehicles.

The vehicles and the amount they were sold are as follow: 2010 Totoya Camry (N300k), 2001Toyota Camry (N150K), Toyota Matrix (N100k), Mercedes Benz 4matic (sold to final user for N2.5m), 2004 Acura MDX (N1m) and 2001 Toyota Camry (N150k).

Also recovered from the suspects were lots of personal effects of their victims such as five LG flat screen TVs, six wrist watches, deck woofer, four pairs of shoes, a black suit etc. One locally made pistol was also recovered from them with four cartridges.

RRS arrests notorious robbery gang in Lagos (photos/ video)

The vehicles retrieved from the armed robbers. Credit: Facebook, RRS

The ring leader, Nisma Uttah disclosed to the police that although they live in Ajegunle, they rob in Ayobo – Ipaja area. He stated that he was preparing to go for a survey of their target area of operation on Saturday morning when he was arrested on a Friday evening.

He added that they travel from Ajegunle on the evening of their operation and hide inside bush or uncompleted building to operate late at night.

He said that they target isolated buildings and those with their generators on at night and avoid houses where there are dogs.

All the ten suspects have been transferred to FSARS Office for further investigation and prosecution.