Nigerian musicians that blew and then went back to being upcoming


Music in Nigeria is fast moving. The trends come and go, new talents emerge, and old musicians think of new ways to stay relevant. If you are a musician in this volatile business, then you have to master the art of change. A good number of Nigerian musicians have been able to pull it off while some others have been too slow to handle it. There are certain others who had their big breaks but failed to leverage on it consistently until they really got to the height of their careers.


They released hit songs, got really popular, and then just as fast as they made it, dropped back to the ‘upcoming list.’ For some, they just lost their lucky streaks and for others, they relaxed a little too much by failing to even release songs.

You’ll certainly agree with me that the following Nigerian musicians ‘blew’ and then suddenly became upcoming all over again.

  • Brymo


Brymo came into the spotlight out of nowhere and he stole our hearts in an instant. Olawale Ashimi, better known as Brymo, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and composer. Unfortunately, he hasn’t really been worthy of that status since. Signed under Chocolate City, he has released a few albums that haven’t really done well. If you have the average Nigerian about Brymo, they’ll probably only remember him because of his track ‘Ara’ which was released as far back as far back as 2011. In fact, that was his first track under Chocolate City. What’s happening?

  • Ice prince

ice prince

Gone are the days where girls were screaming ‘TeanZamani.’ For some reason, Ice prince and his wonderful hits are no more. Unlike Brymo, Ice prince had one too many hit songs. From ‘Aboki’, to ‘Oleku’, ‘I swear’, ‘More’, and so many really thrilling tracks. Even the one he did with music veteran, Sunny Nneji’ was wonderful. Alas, 2017 and he seems to be completely forgotten. For some reason, his 2016 songs didn’t do well and we haven’t heard anything new from him since then.

  • Chidinma


The wonders of being a winner of Project Fame West Africa are immense. You get a recording contract, get exposure, a brand new car, and get a sudden pay out in millions of Naira. However, none of these things has helped Chidinma remain in the limelight. Her name isn’t forgotten as she has been in the media. She has however not been on our tv screens or radio stations well enough for us to hear her. Her last few songs have been poor and she appears to have given up. We’re hoping she releases something soon enough before she fades into oblivion completely.

  • 9ice


We can all agree that 9ice has had his fair share of popularity. He has also stayed in the industry long enough. Somewhere at the peak of his career, he decided to use his fame and goodwill to pursue his other dream which just happened to be politics. We do hope that is working out for him somehow. What we know, however, is that his attempts at coming back hasn’t just worked well. Let’s hope he pulls back up in good time or we’ll just have to add him to our list of past wonders.

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