Nigerian Man celebrated his Birthday in the US after celebrating 4 previous birthday in Prison – Read his Story


A Nigerian man who had previously spent four of his birthdays locked behind the prison bars, has expressed his joy for finally being able to celebrate as a free man.

They say you may not know the value of what you have until you lose it. As such, most people don’t value the freedom that they have for being able to stay outside the four walls of a prison.

A young man who can now ‘proudly’ say ‘I’ve been there and done that’, had reason to be joyful as he recently celebrated his second birthday as a free man.

The man identified as Gwamnishu Harrison, took to his Facebook page to celebrate after having spent 4 years in two Nigerian prisons.

Mr Gwamnishu excitedly celebrated his second birthday as a free man. Photo: Facebook/Gwamnishu Harrison

Sharing his story, he wrote:


2011 – I celebrated my birthday in Kirikiri Prison with so much hope that I will be home next birthday.

2012 – I celebrated with 3,500 young men whose dreams have been tied down by mass incarceration.

2013 – Same Kirikiri (A.K.A) Ajamgbadi last bus-stop became my home. It became my everything. With no hope of leaving prison, I blended with the system and the system became my hope.

The man celebrated his second birthday as a free man. Photo: Facebook/Gwamnishu Harrison

2014 – The powerful force of justice took me away from Kirikiri Prison to another country sharing border with Delta state. I was welcomed to Ogwashi Uku prison (A. K.A) AYOKO CITY, with a Slogan “COUNTRY NO PAPA NO MAMA”. The slogan means so much (alumni can testify). Ayoko welcomed me.

2015 – The prison gate couldn’t hold me anymore. At about 11:45am, the judge declared “Harrison Gwamnishu you are hereby discharged”. Aka Chukwu diya…”He the lord has set free, is free indeed.”

The young man celebrated his birthday in the US after spending 4 years in a Nigerian prison. Photo: Facebook/Gwamnishu Harrison

Friends, supporters, partners, please join me and say thank you to JEHOVAH THE PRISON BREAKER. Join me to appreciate God who kept me to see another year today. It is my birthday. A special happy birthday to me.

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