Nigerian celebrities with the best post pregnancy bodies (PHOTOS)


Being a woman is one hell of a job, and being a career woman or one in the spotlight, is twice as hard. As a woman in the entertainment industry, a lot of your time is spent on social activities and your brand is centered on you. So regardless of the kind of value you put on the table, how you look is a huge part of the entire brand. Hence, women in entertainment defy all laws of nature to ensure that they always look good and feel good as well. This job is particularly harder when you have a child on the way.

For the sake of the health of the child, you have to eat well. Also, regular cravings that follow the pregnancy state, could also force you to eat a little too much. Hence, completely altering your weight and overall look. For Nigerian female celebrities, these things are in no way different. In the midst of the challenges, some of these women make a comeback without as much as any stress. While some are as a result on great genes, a lot of them require proper persistence and hard work. Here are some of the Nigerian celebrities with the best post pregnancy bodies.

  • Di’ja


Mavin princess, Di’ja, is one whose body is unbelievable. We’ve always known she had a really slim figure and her beauty speaks volumes. However, looking this good after a child is out of this world. She looks so good and seems not to have added any visible pound of flesh. While we certainly know that this is as a result of her lucky genes, we just cannot help but commend her on a job well done.

  • Tiwa Savage

 tiwa savage

Tiwa Savage is another Mavin diva that has redefined motherhood. From the moment we witnessed her perform on stage with her baby bump, we already knew that she was one strong woman. Even after gaining a few pounds that we thought we’re going to be the new look of Tiwa Savage, she bounced back in full strength. Now, the diva not only has a little bundle of sunshine, she also still has her body in shape. Great Job, Tiwa.

  • Osas Ajibade

 osas ajibade

Celebrity presenter and host of the acclaimed Maltina Dance all, Osas Ighodaro, is now the wife to Gbenro Ajibade and the proud mother of a bouncing baby girl. Recent pictures would not give it away that she had even had a child, but her journey wasn’t easy as well. Osas gained a few pounds while carrying her child and even a few months after delivery, we could still see the bits of weight she put on. However, now she is rocking red carpets like nothing and she looks even hotter.

  • Damilola Attoh

 damilola attoh

This beauty and the Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh, paired up and it seemed like Nigeria and Ghana were finally agreeing on something. It was even much magical that the actress was pregnant with his baby. As you would expect, Damilola defied all odds and came back with both her baby and her body, and she looks simply amazing. We also have to commend her for a great job done.

  • Adunni Ade

 adunni ade

This is one woman that does it all. The single mother of two boys has taken up all the strength in the world to take care of her kids and still keep herself in good shape. She looks wonderful and has the body of a young and vibrant Nigerian actress that she is. Keep up the great work ma’am!