Nigerian Big Girl calls out Lady who stole her brand new iPhone X, Gold chain of N1.5m and her friends N3m in Dubai (PHOTOS)


A Nigerian Lady, identified as Emi Oga, has called out another Lady, Holayomi Temitope Temidayo and accused her of stealing her brand new iPhone X and her Gold chain.

Emi took to her snapchat account to write; “This girl stole my money my gold and other people’s money more than 30,000 dirhams. Please you guys should help me look for her ooo. She has spoiled my birthday please and please. the worst is that she’s even saying there’s nothing I can do”.

She continued; “Wanted… She stole Gold chain and money with iPhone X,”

A friend of Emi wrote: “Thief like you, your mama dey mushin Nigeria, dey hungry, and you come Dubai come dey steal Gold Chain, iPhone X with money, na God go punish you. you no go hustle your own money. Na another person money na you dey find up and down.”

A friend to the victim, who spoke to YabaLeftOnline, said the Gold Chain worth 15,000 dirham (N1.5 Million)… and also shared with us a picture of the iPhone X and Gold Chain Temitope stole from them.

According to details, the theft happened in Dubai, and she’s telling her victim there’s nothing she can do about it.

Emi also shared the post on Facebook;