Lady tells her Nigerian mother she has a one-yr-old baby to prank her for April Fool, See what Happens (Pics)


A Nigerian lady who is studying abroad has decided to prank her mother to celebrate April Fools day.

We came across the funny story of a lady simply identified as, Tina, who went above and beyond to prank are very Nigerian mother by sending a message to her via Whatsapp.

Lady tells her Nigerian mother she has a one-year-old to prank her for April Fool’s day

In the message the lady told her mother that she has a child and the baby was now a year old. She expressed that she could not inform her parents before because she did not what to terminate the child.

She said her baby girl’s name is Grace named after her grandmother.

Her mother, however, failed to disappoint as she replied just like any Nigerian parent would have replied at that moment.

Read her reply below: