Ladies!! Glide Into The Weekend In these Chic Ankara Top Styles (PHOTOS)


Don’t we just love the weekends?? It’s the time to relax, put our feet up (or down on the dance floor) and ressttttt (or party away) the long working week.

I doubt there is anyone who doesn’t look forward to the weekends, especially for those who are 9-5ers.

We have some cute, chic Ankara tops to show you today. These are simple styles that will suit anything you have to rock them with,e.g trousers or skirts. Not all will fit into the work place though, but some can still be certified work compliant.

Outfit by @xzendaofficial

Cc @styleyourselfie

Cc @eve_iman

Cc in @Neptunesclothings

Cc @minengiby

Cc @grass.fields

Cc @deedee_garshh in @mishantygroup

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Top by @sgtcclothing

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