Not good enough

Liverpool dropped two more points this weekend and manager Jurgen Klopp could not hide his anger or frustration when speaking to the media.

Klopp was asked if he thought the result was fair and seemed unhappy with the question and the result – which at the end of the day was because of yet another error from his defenders.

The Mirror report Klopp said: “Fair result? We scored once and Newcastle scored once.

“Was it the first game you saw?

“It’s not fair.

“We created five or six outstanding, big chances. Usually we score with one of them. I didn’t see one more chances for Newcastle.

“They got one chance and scored. That doesn’t feel too fair.

“We had a clear penalty. I don’t know what he has to do – pull the shirt off him?

“We were the more active side and created more chances. I thought we should have won.

“It feels not so cool. We all feel not perfect.

“Philippe Coutinho scores the goal of the month. We made one mistake, 1-1.

“We are in promising situations and we don’t score. It won’t stay like this. There will be one day when the mouth opens and maybe we will score more than one time.”


Title race

Liverpool might feel hard done by, but they have dropped more points in the title race and that of course is something Klopp will be all too aware of – and as more games p[ass by without the players solving the issues in front of them, it seems that more points will be dropped.

Not only are Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur in a brilliant run of form, but it seems that Arsenal are going through a good faze and collecting points, and Chelsea despite their loss will want a top four spot as well – meaning Liverpool have their work cut out for them.

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