Interesting facts about Linda Ikeji and Wizkid’s Relationship! What caused the Fight? How it Ended, ,Danger of incitement & More

What caused Linda Ikeji and Wizkid fight?

Last year Nigerians witnessed a fight between Linda Ikeji and Wizkid; if you are not aware of the details of their conflict, then you will find this article very interesting.

What caused Linda Ikeji and Wizkid fight?

The fight between these two celebrities was so serious that Linda Ikeji had to get the police involved; according to her, it became necessary due to some threats published by Wizkid on social media. Linda complained of the rate of violence against women in the country and insisted she would not just stay silent about the matter, adding that one cannot just openly threaten another person on the internet and go scot free as such actions are equated with crime. These rules are established in any civilized country in the world. Nigeria is no exception.

Most people may not know this, but in our country, public threats are indeed considered a serious violation. Excessively bold words may be forgiven only in cases when they do not reach the attention of the authorities. The police take things like this very seriously.

Linda Ikeji also said that she had no problems with Wizkid before their misunderstanding, and that she really likes his music, but his actions caused her indignation and raised waves of social interest. So what did he do?

What happened between Linda Ikeji and Wizkid?

First, we will tell you about what Linda wrote on her blog so you can get the full story.

Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji is one of the most popular bloggers in Nigeria, so it is no wonder she is often associated with scandals and insults. She has gotten so used to the fact that she gets called by different names and always remained focused, paying no attention to such attacks. There has also been a lot of lies that have been spread about her, she has been able to ignore them all. But a direct threat she received made her act. She contacted the authorities because she did not want Wizkid’s behavior to be considered normal.

According to a post Wizkid put up on social media, he said that his cousin, who is only 16 years old, will come to Linda Ikeji and beat her up. Linda insisted that paying no attention to such behaviour would make other young people in the society consider it normal and even make such threats too.

Linda Ikeji and Wizkid fight in social media Linda Ikeji and Wizkid fight in social media continues

After Wizkid posted this controversial message, many teenagers picked sides with him, calling him their hero and role model. They approved his impudent behavior.

But if the idol of many people can casually threaten a woman and use insulting words, what kind of people will our next generation of youths grow up to become? The utterance of offensive phrases can be followed by action. This will exacerbate violence against women.

For several days a young audience on the Internet rejoiced. Linda was sad to observe that the aggressive behaviour of youths seemed to be getting worse in our society.

It is especially strange that Wizkid was supported by some women. When he published “RIP Linda”, several ladies picked up the wave and quoted these words with laughter.

Linda Ikeji and Wizkid fight

Soon the quarrel between Wizkid and Linda Ikeji moved from being a personal matter to becoming a social one. It is not just about the blogger’s pride, but the attitude towards women in society. In our society, seeing women go through verbal abuse is being considered normal and sometimes men go ahead to cross boundaries and even exert physical harm. There are many stories of such beatings. Women do not tell anyone about violence because they are afraid to damage the reputation of their husbands and are ready to tolerate the humiliation instead; they do not want to call for help because they fear the condemnation of society.

Linda’s position

The bold Linda is definitely not one of these scared women, so she chose to deal with these harmful stereotypes and improper customs. She will not be a victim and will seek for the truth as long as she has the opportunity.

Linda called for condemnation of violence, considering it unacceptable. The famous blogger believes that women should unite and fight for their rights. Only this way can they give a strong rebuff to pressure from men and change their destiny for the better. She urged all who are concerned to act if they ever witness any unjust behavior. It is necessary to talk about mental and physical violence so that it does not recur.


Wizkid is the father of two boys. Such people should not talk about violence against women. If he has a daughter, he will feel the desire to protect her and will understand what a cruel world people have created for women. He would hardly like it if another man will want to harm her.

Linda said that she can’t remember how many times the musician has insulted her and made rude comments about her, insists that he behaves like a boy instead of a man, and that he wanted to disgrace her but she showed him she is smart.

Linda also recalled that she gave N500,000 to a woman named Blessing Nicholas, who refused to become a prostitute and resorted to carrying cement to make a money to survive; the blogger supported her because she respected her wise decisions. She then asked Wizkid if he thought she really deserved insults considering her good works, adding that his mind is perverted so he can’t distinguish a worthy woman from an unworthy one, and he has no moral right to make such statements.

Danger of incitement

Linda said that even Tupac knew how to classify women despite his reputation as a famous bandit. A woman can be judged only if she really deserves it by behaving inappropriately. People should not confuse these things and throw insults towards women.

linda ikaji

According to Linda, if laws and moral principles in Nigeria were stricter, Wizkid would lose the love of the public and would have to apologize for his propaganda against the female gender for a long time. The musician would have to spend years to get back on his feet.

Anyone who has influence and power must carefully select phrases when addressing the public. This is necessary to avoid inciting trouble, as it can leave a black mark on the person’s reputation. Popular people must give their followers only right ideas. Sometimes it happens that the public misunderstands the message and does things celebrities may have been joking about. Words can be understood literally, and if they come out of a star’s mouth, they can be understood as a guide to action.

So incitement is an extremely irresponsible thing with disastrous consequences. According to the law, if people act according to your words said publicly, you should bear responsibility for it. Tupac was accused when his statements caused the murder of a policeman. The thugs said in court that their favorite performer encouraged such actions. This suggests that people with public influence should use the power of the word neatly. People listen, watch and sometimes make unexpected decisions.

Linda Ikeji and Wizkid

By filing an application with the police, Linda set an example for other women. In similar situations, they should do the same. Linda Ikeji’s message states that it is not necessary to hide information about violence if something threatens your life. It is better to let the authorities help. Do not wait until you are seriously harmed. Perhaps you will not survive the next attack. If a man is arrested for threats, he will think well before harming a woman next time.

Linda fights for herself and all other women. Men should hear this message and understand that the weaker gender is not so weak and defenseless as they think. If someone is going to attack a woman, he should know that the law will come after him if the victim will not remain silent.


How did this story end?

On April 18, 2016, both celebrities visited the police station in Lagos. The problems were settled after the musician begged Linda to abandon the trial. His lawyers asked her for mercy for several days.

The musician said that his words were misunderstood and in fact, he did not want to offend anyone. He called it the result of an emotional outburst and asked for forgiveness.

Despite the fact that the blogger agreed to forgive the musician, Wizkid had to appear at the police headquarters and write an official apology.


Linda shared these details with the followers on her blog. The fans asked Ikeji to be photographed with Wizkid in the commissioner’s office, but she refused and asked that any such photo taken without her knowledge be deleted; not because she retained resentment against Wizkid, but she just did not want to provoke the development of more drama.

linda ikeji

We hope that Wizkid and Linda’s story was interesting to you and perhaps you learned a good lesson from it. Allow peace reign in your family and moral purity in your soul.