Interesting facts about TBoss: biography and Big Brother Naija project, Struggle with loneliness and depress


TBoss is a very popular Nigerian entertainer and former Big Brother Naija TV show housemate. She became popular after taking part in the Big Brother reality show and due to her ambitious and impulsive character, she has remain unforgettable to Nigerians. So what kind of life has she been living since the show ended? Let’s find out more about the life of the “Boss nation” queen. Keep reading to learn some interesting facts from TBoss’ biography.

TBoss biography and Big Brother Naija project

TBoss biography

TBoss’ real name is Tokunbo Idowu and she was born on March 9, 1984. The popular TV star comes from Edo state and became popular after her debut on TV. She was one of the most outstanding housemates of the Big Brother Naija 2017 reality television show.

In her early years, TBoss studied in boarding school; she struggled with loneliness, and depression, and had a hard time making new friends. She had a lot of troubles in school and always had to deal with the wrong people. Her Nigerian dad and Romanian mom were pretty strict to her and her other siblings but Tboss still mentions her childhood as a sweet period of her life.

Tboss studied at the University of Lagos for only 9 months before she moved to Romania to complete her studies.

TBoss, Big Brother Naija project' second runner-up, and her mom

TBoss, the second runner-up of BB Naija show, with her mother

The 2017 Big Brother Nigeria Show (BBNaija)

The Big Brother Naija show debuted in 2006 with 14 contestants; these contestants were placed in the Big Brother house in South Africa and had to compete for a $100,000 prize. The show started on March 5 and lasted up to June 4, 2006, when Katung Aduwak was crowned winner for the year. In 2017, the second season of Big Brother Nigeria show kicked off, and was won by Efe Ejeba.

The Big Brother Naija project

The Big Brother Naija show was formerly known as Big Brother of Nigeria. The aim of the show is to put 12-14 contestants in one isolated house and make them compete for a large cash prize. The show is usually live streamed.

The participants, who are referred to as “housemates” get the opportunity to nominate a participant to be kicked out of the show every week and the most nominated housemates get put up for eviction. However, the audience are usually given the chance to choose who gets to stay, by voting for their favorite housemates amongst the ones put up for eviction. The show’s voting results are checked and verified by the Alexander-Forbes auditing company.

During their entire stay in the Big Brother house, the contestants are continuously watched via TV cameras and have to wear personal audio microphones. The winner of the show gets a car and cash reward at the end of the show.

TBoss smiling

Tokunbo Idowu as TBoss in Big brother Naija

TBoss became famous in Nigeria thanks to her participation in the Big Brother Naija show. She trended for a long time due to two unfortunate incidents. The first was the ‘Kemen incident’ when another participant of the show was claimed to have assaulted TBoss while she was asleep and his actions were caught on camera. The second incident was when TBoss failed to recite the Nigerian National Anthem correctly during a dare game.

Beautiful TBoss

TBoss is known to be very fashionable, open-minded but straight-forward woman. She was always criticized by the audience of the program for her inappropriate behavior on the show. In reaction to the hate she was getting from fans, T-boss said: “The Big Brother house was a place where I was myself. At home I don’t shower with my clothes on. Usually, in my house, I just walk around naked.

Stylish TBoss

T-Boss also mentioned that she did not mean to act as she did and did not expect it would cause a lot of drama on social media. But when her father sent her an angry message and screenshot of everything said online, she realized how big the problem was. During an interview with Urban96Fm, TBoss said that she would not take part in Big Brother Naija TV show again, even if she was offered N50 million.

Bright TBoss is a stylish photoshoot

TBoss is a stylish photoshoot

TBoss is currently not married or in a relationship. Due to her fight with depression and loneliness during her childhood, she still has a hard time making friends and opening up to other people.

TBoss is happy with her post-show life

Some people believe Big Brother Nigeria 2017 was so popular because of TBoss. She was the brightest contestant for the year, even though she did not win the show. Nevertheless, she seems to be enjoying her life just fine even without the car and N25m reward.