Hushpuppi and Davido: who is richer? Here is their Net Worth (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Hushpuppi and Davido- Who is richer?

Hushpuppi and Davido: ‘big’ guys who continually try to prove which of them is richer and better. Both men spend huge sums on drinks in nightclubs and enjoy a luxurious and carefree life. They are extravagant and attract the attention of fans. That’s why we are talking about them in this article.

Hushpuppi and Davido- Who is richer?

  • Hushpuppi real name is Raymond Igbalodely. He is known for his love of fashion and expensive brands. He is also known as a very dedicated Gucci fan who loves and knows all things quality.
  • Davido is a popular musician whose work has captured the hearts of millions of his listeners.

Most Nigerians seem to be experiencing unfavorable times in terms of finances. The country is experiencing an economic downturn. It’s amazing to see how people like Ray Hushpuppi and Davido carelessly spend money on things that are not of primary importance for life. The cost of one night in a nightclub will seem like a big sum for a typical average family.

However, Davido and Hushpuppi are just incredibly lucky. Their net worth allows them doing amazing things. To appreciate their wealth, all you have to do is check their Snapchat and Instagram. There are plenty of images of expensive clothes, shoes, accessories, mansions in Nigeria and abroad, and other attributes of luxury.


Each of these guys has his own priorities and ways of spending money. For example, Ray likes to show off clothes. The celebrity constantly takes pictures and shows them off on social media. He also has a lot of designer shoes and watches. In addition, any fan of vehicles would envy Hushpuppi cars.

Davido also brags about his cars, conquers the hearts of beautiful women and enjoys a good time as he generously spends his money. This singer was born into a rich family, so from the very beginning of his life, he had everything necessary for a pleasant life.

Many people think that Davido house and cars are luxuries he owns because of his family. However, the singer has worked very hard for what he now has. It took a lot of patience and diligence to get to the top of show business. He recently graduated from Babcock University and is now focused on his career.

Davido net worth

Family money served as only a push to success for Davido. And for a long time now, he has been his own source of income. How does he get his meney? Let’s analyse this;

  • His record sales and concerts which are attended by a large audience that buys tickets.
  • He also participates in numerous sound recording projects, collaborates with other successful musicians, which brings in good money.
  • Davido has more than 20 awards and 40 different nominations.
  • He officially represents branded products. He signed a 30 million Naira deal with MTN.
  • The successful producer receives money from companies and individuals for various concerts and events, tours around the country.
  • Also, his major partner is Guinness Nigeria.


Who of them is richer?

Both Davido and Hushpuppi have, for a while now, been trying to prove to each other who has more money. At the same time, they are considered ‘friends’. Just picture two boys throwing sand at each other in a golden sandbox.

The exact figure of Hushpuppi net worth is unknown, so the public can only make assumptions based on his actions and some of his fancy purchases.

Hushpuppi net worth

Davido net worth in 2017 is $14-16 million (depending on the source). Talent and tireless work helped him earn a lot of money, so he fully deserves all the good things he can afford. Of course, he enjoys bragging about his wealth. He, like Hushpuppi, shares photos of his personal plane and cars.

Hushpuppi once spent 11.5 million Naira in a nightclub. This is only for one night! Quilox must have made good money that day. The goal of making a lot of money is to have a good time and show off. Davido is also considered as one of the most extravagant and beloved public figures in Nigeria. It’s amazing that Ray spent such a sum only to show that Davido net worth is nothing in comparison with his.

Davido car

Davido was at this same club on 10.03.17. As always, he bought a lot of expensive drinks. When it was time to pay, the musician said that his card does not work. This incident pleased Hushpuppi so much that he went to the same club to show how much better he is than his opponent. He sought to show his independence, that he does not live on his father’s money. Although, it is worth noting that Hushpuppi source of income remains unknown.

Hushpuppi spent 11,5 million Naira in Quilox

On his Instagram Huspuppi wrote: “They need to talk about me to get attention because if they spoke about themselves, no one would give a f…ck #Gucci #BabaOlowoHimself”

Also, the Gucci fan tried to prove his superiority over Ice Prince, KCee, and Phyno. When KCee’s patience reached its limits, he said that he would send a petition and find out where the rich boy got all his money from. Offended celebrities believe that the source of Ray’s income should be disclosed. He behaves too provocatively on social media and attracts a lot of attention, both positive and negative. KCee was interested in whether Hashpappi pays taxes and who his father is, urging the authorities to start asking questions.

There was a rumour that Hushpuppi sent money to the personal accounts of his fan that ranged from 300, 000 to 2 million Naira. However, there was no real confirmation of this, because none of the recipients shared screenshots. It was believed that the celebrity asked them not to reveal any information. So all this could be nothing more than a hoax.

Ray Hushpuppi

Considering that nothing is known about the source of Hushpuppi’s income whil information about Davido’s net worth is always available, we have no choice but to trust the latter. In addition, Davido does not behave as aggressively as Ray, throwing accusations to musicians because they wear fake watches. In any case, these guys do not care much about the opinions of others. Controversial actions are often made precisely in order to attract attention.