Here is How to Make the Crochet Braids with Kanekalon hair – WATCH VIDEO


So, you want to try the crochet braids with Kanekalon hair? This tutorial will show you exactly how to do that! Just a few minutes of your time and you will learn all you need.

How to do crochet braids with kanekalon hair

Crochet braids with Kanekalon hair

Crochet braids hairstyle is your new way to shine this season. Kanekolon hair is a great option! You will just need to follow these simple instructions to make these braids.

How to do crochet braids?

How to do crochet braids?

The first step is to prepare your hair for this procedure! You will need to shampoo your hair very well and use a leave-in conditioner then wait 30 minutes. You can use a portable heating cap for this part.

Try to air-dry your hair until it becomes just damp. After that, you can start braiding according to the crochet braids styles you want.

While you wait for your hair to dry, you can prepare your attachments! Use two packs of Kanekalon (expression) two/three/four different or the same colors (depends on what you hope to achieve). You can buy each color just for 350 Naira.

crochet braids with kanekalon hair

Divide each pack of hair into 4 short curls. You can also divide them into 3 and 2 for achieving the longer curls.

You will need to feather the hair. This is so that the ends of the hair won’t look blunt.

Curl the hair around some flexirods! You will need about 20 medium flexirods to do that!

Place the rods into a basin!

How to do crochet braids with kanekalon hair

Pour some boiling water into the basin and leave until the water cools;

Remove the rods form the water;

Unwrap the hair and allow it to dry;

Attach the extension to your hair using a pin! You will need a lot of time to do this! For some people, it takes about two hours! So, relax and enjoy the process!


After two hours of fixing it in, you will be left with a smooth and unique set of braids. So to answer the question of how to make crochet braids, just follow the instructions above. In the video below you can find another method for creating crochet braids!