Female corps member allegedly gets pregnant for governor and this Happens


There are reports that a certain state governor has allegedly impregnated a female corps member serving in the state.

According to Stella Dimokokorkus who reported the story without mentioning names for obvious reasons, the female corper was serving in the government house.

However, one thing led to another and she became pregnant. She was allegedly flown abroad and some quarters even say she has even given birth to twin babies. What a way to serve the country!

Read how SDK reported the story below:

“This gist will show you the Gateway if you read it properly because the whisper are so strong and all over, you cannot miss it. The governor of a state has impregnated a Corps member serving in the state according to rumour mongers oh.

“This Corps member according to whisperings belongs to either batch B or C of the present batch and while some say the particular governors office is her PPA whilst others whisper that the Corps members father is the gov paddy and that is how they met and why the governor will not mess her up.

“The lady has allegedly been flown to the abroad at the moment but this is unconfirmed. This gist is as light as leggings on a cold cold day and has been swept under the carpet.The governor is very dark skinned and wears funny caps.

“The beginning of his last name sounds like what belongs to a man in Eastern Nigeria……The Opposite of this is ”Otu Nne gi”. I cannot mention names because I wasn’t in ”za oza room with zem”.

“And Note that there is NO CLUE here referring to any gov oh…This is just tips until the story (If any)breaks out and if not,someone can remodel this into a movie Synopsis,I will not mind. Will there be any press release on this? I didn’t call anybody’s name now!

“Have a nice day.”

For those that can decode the ‘Gateway’, good luck!