Fashionista Parents!! From braids or twists to large curls, a bun or a ponytail, Here are the best little bride hairstyles in Nigeria (PHOTOS)


A wedding is a special event and a lot of attention is paid to the hairstyle and the dress. What are the best little bride hairstyles in Nigeria? See cute photos with the latest looks! Choose a trendy hairdo for your charming princess!

Little bride hairstyles in Nigeria

Every little girl at a wedding wants to look as pretty as the bride. She wants to have the same gorgeous dress and beautiful hairstyle. Thanks to a many choice of the latest hairstyle in Nigeria, you can easily realize the child’s dream.

Little bride hairstyles

Certain rules need to be adhered to when choosing a hairdo for your baby. First of all, you should stay away from massive and large hair accessories as they make the hairstyle heavier.

Little bride hairstyle with decor

For girls that are 7-8 years old, hairstyles with elastic bands or sectors separated by partings of different shapes are good. In this case, pay attention to the accessories. The ribbons and elastic bands can complement the dress colour when combined the right way.

As for decor, it’s also recommended to use ribbons, hoops, as well as small hairpins with stones or flowers. The rim is a universal element that can serve as finishing touch for long, short, and medium hair. It’s both beautiful and practical.

Since children’s hair is very soft and delicate, it’s better to choose the fluffy and easy hairstyle options.

Little bride hairdo with rim


It’s important not to overdo it with accessories. The same principle also applies to the styling. Avoid hot curlers and sharp tooth-comb. Use a hairspray of high quality and in small quantities.

Little bride hairdo

It’s also important not to overdo the tightening of the ponytails, weaving braids and twists. Tight hair causes inconvenience to hair roots, leaving them without nutrition. And they can make the child uncomfortable.

Little bride hairstyle with curls on the top

Hair length

The next factor to consider when choosing natural hairstyles is the hair length. The longer it is, the greater the chances for experimenting.

Little bride hairstyle for short hair

Short hair may not give you enough length for a bun. Here is an easy wave and appropriate design that can save the situation.

Little bride hairstyle for wedding

Little bride hairstyles in Nigeria

The most popular variants of little bride hairstyles:

  • braids or twists;
  • large curls;
  • a bun;
  • a ponytail

Before you start creating the child’s hairdo, you need to wash the hair in advance and apply some conditioner. Dry the hair afterwards before you begin.

The main criteria for selecting a child’s hairstyle are naturalness, comfort, and originality.

Little bride hairstyle with twists

Hairstyle with twists

First of all, make sure you pay attention to the length of the child’s hair. It’s better to use simple children’s headbands. But if the hair is short, use bright hairpins and bows. Then

  • comb the hair until it’s free and smooth
  • at the left temple separate two sections of hair and twist them
  • moving towards the right temple grab some small hair strands and twist them
  • at the ear pick up the rest of the locks in a twist and fasten the hair with pins. It’s better to decorate the hairdo with hairpins in the form of flowers or ribbons

Little bride hairstyle with twists for short hair

Another type of such hairstyle is a twist with a bun or ponytail. This method of weaving is almost the same as in the hairstyle mentioned above. The only thing is that the strands are fixed on the top of the hair in the form of a small ponytail or bun. This hairstyle allows you to emphasize the innocence and beauty of the child.

Little bride hairstyle with hair bow

Hair bow

These little bride hairstyles look quite unusual and fun. To make a bow, do the following:

  • tie a high ponytail
  • while making the ponytail, leave a piece of hair under the elastic band. Divide the received loop into two parts, and pull the tail’s tip between them
  • hide the tail’s tip in the hair, wind it around the elastic band and fasten it with studs or invisible pins

It’s recommended to use hairspray to keep the hairstyle in place.

Little bride hairstyle with curls

Little bride hairdo with large curls

Large curls

This hairdo is for girls with long or medium-length hair. In the beginning, you should wash and dry the hair. Then, using mousse or foam, divide the hair into several parts and twist them. Each twist must be covered with foam again and left to dry. This procedure should be done in the evening before the celebration. In the morning, lose the twists. Your child will have large angelic curls. The curls achieved with twists don’t lose volume throughout the whole day.

Little bride hairstyle with braids


Another great variant of the little bride hairstyles is a French braid. Before proceeding, you must carefully comb the kid’s hair and apply some mousse on it. Then divide the hair into three parts and number the strands from 1 to 3. Put the strand number 3 below number 2, and then put number 2 on number 1. When you finish, you will have the reverse French braid.

Little bride hairstyle with braids and ponytail

Decorate such hairdo with bright hairpins and ribbons. After you have weaved a braid and pulled out strands, apply some hairspray on the hair.

Kid's hairstyle with braid

You can keep the child’s hair away from her face with simple cornrows. You can also weave a ribbon into the braid, add a bow of the same color, and create a pretty look.

Little bride hairdo with braids and twists

Little bride hairstyle with weaving and bun

Nice hairstyles for long hair are difficult to manage without doing some weaving. The braid or twist around the head can be combined with a neat flower to give the whole look a charming effect.

Little bride hairstyle with bun


Depending on the design, this type of hairstyle can give a child a fun and elegant look. A classic version of a bun with bobby pin can look great on kids between 7 to 13 years old.

Little bride hairstyle with bun and twists

The high bun with crossed twists make it looks like the little princess is wearing a crown. And the small braids weaving on the back of the head creates a look of a sophisticated lady.

Little bride hairstyles with buns

When you add more buns, you get and even more unique look.

If you place the bun lower and supplement it with an interesting accessory or weaving, you can get a hairstyle that is quite suitable for 10 to 12-year-old girls.

Little bride hairdo in Nigeria

The choice of natural hairstyles for a wedding is basically unlimited. You are free to select any styling, as long as it’s not heavy and too complicated. With a beautiful hairdo, the girl feels and looks very beautiful.