Thank God mum and dad have finally travelled, and I have the whole house to myself. Goriola had been forming busy for me since the day he left my parent’s house, but I couldn’t care less – at least we were no longer dating.

The fear of been pregnant had subsided until last night when I woke up with a banging headache and some fever. No, I cant have malaria now, I have some few weeks to go and resume my MBA program and all this school immunization requirements must be met o. waking up the next morning, my mouth was so sour and I literally dragged myself out of bed as Sinmi jumped into my bed un announced (yes I moved back to the house immediately my parents travelled, and yes I did it because I didn’t want to have an excuse to invite Goriola over for a good fuck again *wink*).

Sinmi was so concerned and she called out for Aisha and Lolade to come over. Then I saw another strange face and asked who that was “its my cousin Mariam from Abuja who just got into the law school here in Lagos” Aisha said. “hello Mariam”  I said as I got up to go into the bathroom and wash my face and sour mouth.

I could swear I heard all my friends whispering about something, and immediately I walked into the room, the all gave me that fake smile that we were accustomed too when snooping behind someone “spill it out already jare all of you.

Then Lolade said she would go get me a PT kit and we can do the test all over again, being over 3 weeks we did the first one.

As Lolade returned from Medplus, she grabbed me in the hand in front of the whole four of them – Aisha, Sinmi, Mariam and Lolade herself, and forced me into the bathroom, locked me in and wouldn’t let me out until I peed and took a test. I peed on the test and tried to distract myself by picking on a non-existent pimple during the longest two minutes of my life

The whole 3 of them where anxiously waiting in my room and I took the test and ran out of the bathroom numb, as Lolade announced to everyone, ‘It’s positive.

Because I am of childbearing age, it should come as no surprise that my peers and superiors are reproducing at an increasingly steady rate. I have yet to plan my life this way. A big part of me still enjoys playing the game of sex and heart breaks,  I’m so not ready for this. Why did I put myself in this situation again?” come to think that I had been waiting for my menstruation like I would have waited for a bank alert in my salary account at month end.

Who do I call first? My parents, my sister, Goriola. I am so lost right now. This is a decision I want to make on my own, I told the babes to excuse me for a bit because I needed to map out what next? My MBA program OMG.

Then I picked up my phone and called Goriola. He picked up almost immediately  like he had been waiting in my call. I told him I wanted to see him as soon as he could come down to the house.

Goriola arrived at the house in a cute cargo short and Tommy Hilfiger tee shirt, looking all ruggedly dapper. I gave him a hug as he greeted everyone, and I walked him into my room with a fake smile on my lips. He asked if I was okay and that I looked sick, and I told him I was just getting over malaria.

In an instant, his phone begins to ring. Buzzing with a life of it’s own.

He picks up the call and mumbled something before cutting off the call.

Hmmm abi this one has moved on for real, when in my heart I still had something for him? Well I am still at a cross road on how to break the pregnancy news o. he pulled me into a warm embrace as I busted into tears.

“Please you are beginning to scare me, what is wrong” he asked as he looked straight into my eyes.

“I am hungry” I said

He gave me a questioning looks and said he would order for pizza. There and then sinmi came into the room – I knew it, “amebos” they have been glued to the door all this while awaiting the reaction of my “baby daddy” – what did I just say that LOL.

I curled up on the bed and he laid down behind me and hugged me tight. The next thing I knew was Goriola’s hard on touching me from the back. WTF, this is so crazyyyyyyy………………

I felt his hand caressing the skin of my shoulder, and move to my throat, wrapping it in a firm steady pressure that was not uncomfortable, but promised of things to come. I was beginning to feel horny and all mixed feelings inside me. He gently slid down my panties from my shift dress and turned me to face him.

I was quiet and this was unusual, his looks said the same. He pulled my upper body forward and began sucking on my nipples, while my hot exposed pussy sat on top of his cock. I began to grind my pussy a little bit and rub my clit up and down along the shaft. He was moaning loudly, but continued licking, sucking, squeezing, and lightly biting my nipples. I felt like I could cum just from all the clit stimulation, but then he said”do you have a condom?”

That jolted me back to reality and I said “I AM PREGNANT”

What, are you kidding me, he said as he rose up and zipped up his fly and slipped on his flip flop, like he was about to disappear like flash of the marvel super hero crew. Then he said, babe, this is not part of the plan (part of the plan? Is this dude kidding me? Was fucking you raw part of the plan? I could have said all these and many more, but I was too tongue tired – so unlike me I bet y’all would say, LOL).

He went on to say that he didn’t picture us having a baby together (somebody come to my rescue o, do I know this guy? Please where is Goriola because this man yarning dust must be from pluto), and that I was an unstable at the moment and he didn’t think that I could be a good mum. I busted into tears and he walked towards me to give me hug, I screamed and pushed him away.

That same moment, all three of my friends opened the doors and walked in quietly to hold me as I sobbed, and Aisha walked Goriola out of the room after he told them it was none of their business and I told them to just let it slide without a fight.

That night I put a call through to my parents to break the news, my mum was speechless for some minutes as I watched her expressionless face on the skype call. Then my dad who was lying down on the bed said “Aduks baby, don’t worry my dear, we will go through this together okay?” he assured me that I could count on him and mum for all the support I needed.

My moms eyes got watery, she looked at me like why, why? At that moment I felt like telling my mom, april fools! But I couldn’t. It was real. It happened. I was pregnant!then she smiled at me and said that all will be well. I knew it was bad enough that she was trying to be strong for daddy, and now this.

That night I realized that a mom will always be there for her child. No matter what the problem. weather its a broken heart or a pregnancy. My mom has always been there for me, My mom is my, Best friend!

Goriola tried calling me severally, but I ignored his calls. Then he sent me a text “baby I am sorry I said all that I said, I was only caught unaware. Please pick my calls”. There and then, I BLOCKED his MTF ass on my phone.

XOXO for the night, Shakiti Baby