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Things been kind of slow for me and I have been under the weather some few weeks to leaving for school. Mummy called me that my had had been rushed to the hospital on a Sunday from church after he slummed during service. Our family doctor said he had a stroke. OMG.

My girlfriends were all by my side this period, and funny enough, Goriola drove to Magodo almost every other day to check on me and my mum. This was the most trying moment of my life. I had never felt so down in my whole life. Then my sister made arrangement for daddy to be flown to the US for treatment and rest. Mum packed up, getting ready for when the doctor would discharge daddy an then they could travel to the US.

Goriola, my ex – yes I broke up with him, remember. He was there for me in a way I never imagined a guy would be for an unstable heart breaker like me. My life was a mess right now, having been a dady’s girl and closer to my dad than my mum, I decided to move back to the house in Magodo, to be closer to my dad at the hospital.

Can you all believe who decided to move in with me in order to keep me company? I bet y’all cant – welllllllll, Goriola called me a day after I moved back home “hello honey, how are you holding this down? Just be calm and know that I am prayig for your dad” he said.

“Thank you Gori, I really appreciate your kindness” I replied.

“hope you have company in the house, it wont be cool you been in that big house all by yourself you know” he said

“well, I am home alone, and may be home alone till dad gets discharged, coupled with the fact that mum and dad will be travelling after dad is discharged” I said

“Pele love, I hope you don’t mind if I come over to stay with you this weekend? Only if its okay by you” goriola asked.

“that will be nice of you, because the girls are all busy with the end of year reports at their work, orelse they all would have come” I replied

As Goriola got off the phone, Aisha’s facetime call came up on my phone, and the three of them were there to check on me. I told them of my conversation with Goriola, and Lolade said “yeepa, this is so tempting, babe biko be careful or you and Goriola may just become a couple again o”

The others busted into laughter, and this lightened the mood for me a bit, as we got into other amebo gists LOL.

Goriola arrived with a cup of cold stone ice cream and stuffed dough nuts. We both went to see my dad at the hospital for the night and returned back to the house.

We booth decided to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. I hate romantic movies, it brings out the worse in me…. A scene from the movie made me ask him “what did you think about me and our past lovemaking when we dated?” His answer surprised me, “it wasn’t about quality or quantity, but about availability with you baby, I love” then I gave him a crazy look, (love bawo, we broke up dude), “sorry I meant that I loved you very much”, he clarified, and that the fact that he had to woo me, constantly made the relationship spontaneous and fun every time.

Goriola was tempting me with words, hmmm and this is a biological difference between men and women. He was trying, all the time to make me think of him sexually and to initiate sex and even my higher-than-average female libido couldn’t keep up with him. As loving and as open and assuring as I was towards him, he was still getting rejected by me in this way, (We don break up o, I kept reminding myself in my head).

It was a weekend of friendship, we did facetime with the girls at every given opportunity, even played truth or dare games on the facetime calls, and Goriola pampered me all through the weekend.

We started on Monday with morning sex before he left for work. Usually, Goriola used to let me sleep and talk to him dreamily while he gets ready, without really waking up – back when I used to sleep over at his house. But today was the first day of Sex-On-His-Terms week, and right inside my father’s house (kai, see me see temptation o) and I woke up to his breath on my neck and his hand running up my leg, grazing the boy-cut panties I wore to bed — and running back down again. He was ready to start.

I opened my legs to him immediately. There was something freeing about the choice already being made. I was going to have sex with him, I was necessarily “in the mood” because I’d already decided I wasn’t going to be. Like morning sex. I made him 45 minutes late that day to work. He blamed it on faulty alarm clock (because a friend at work called to tell me of how mr. goriola was late to management meeting LOL)

I napped afterwards and woke up to several text messages from him, rare for having just seen him off a few hours ago.

This morning was so hot. I can’t wait for more.

The second was more forceful than complimentary:

Stay in bed. I’m bringing you lunch from white house canteen.

I laughed. This was part of a fantasy he had about my new state of mind and academic leave schedule..

I have to admit, it was hot to snuggle back into my bed linens, smelling him, waiting for his return — to be instructed not to dress. It was the kind of thing that had my mind running wild with mixed imagination. I just waited for him and smiled my cat-who-got-the-mouse smile when he walked in, already unbuckling his belt. I was wet for him, more than usual — it was all the waiting.

He felt like a stud, I could tell, as I crawled across the bed towards him, still naked from the morning sex, and climbed on top of him. I rode him without even unbuttoning his pale blue work shirt. I wondered if it would smell like me for the rest of the day.

I didn’t go home after he returned to work. Usually I would have let myself out long ago, gone home and showered and have several hours of work at the corner coffee shop under my belt. I used his shower and didn’t bother dressing, simply draping his t-shirt over me while I helped myself to his much fancier computer. I had to save time somewhere, and he was probably just going to undress me again when he got home anyway. (He did).

Tuesday morning I told him he had to go back to his house because my dad would be discharged the following day, and that my nosey aunties were coming from Shagamu today to await dad’s return back home with prayer and all (am sure most of y’all can relate to these kinda aunties and how the praise and prayer session will go LOL).

As he got up to leave, I walked him to the stairs, and I kissed him, open-mouth, in the stairwell, surprising even myself with my unwillingness to even walk up the stairs before I touched him. I was turned on by my suddenly elevated interest. I wanted to feel his weight on me, and I placed my hands on his lower back, pulling him into me and feeling his trouser rub against the thin fabric of my negligee. I turned, finally, to lead him on as I felt him grab my ass fully in his hands. I almost couldn’t keep walking, the needing-him-sensation inside me about doubled with that touch. While we ate, his hands never stopped touching me — rubbing my thigh, pulling me into him by wrapping his arm around my shoulder, and rubbing my body. It was, oddly, an extremely romantic meal we both prolonged because the tension building between us was so fun to play with. Every touch was becoming unbearable.

“Goriola, I hope you are not nursing the feeling that we are back dating each other?”

He gave me a sad puppy look and said “nope, I am just enjoying the moment before you snap back into reality”

Lol, this guy must be seeing me as one crazy babe in his head, well, I aint, I am just a young woman who is having a little bit of mid life crises – a good one though LOL

XOXO for the night, Shakiti Baby