We planned this on purpose, knowing that my parents will leave back for naija 2 days before we did, and we could have the house to ourselves these last two days. My lil brother and his babe made a trip down to San Antonio TX to visit a mutual friend and have some fun before we all leave back to reality.

On the other hand, I didn’t know that a surprise was awaiting me as well. I noticed Lolade was glued to her phone and making some secretive calls all day, the next thing I knew was her saying “my friend is in town and planning to come visit, so I need to send in the address of this place to her”. We all believed her and just went on with our plans of getting a massage and final shopping list.

Hours later, Lolade kept pestering me to go take my batha and get ready to go out. I said “don’t you know that I want to see that your ghost friend whom we have all been expecting since”. Aisha busted into laughter and said that was the same reason she was also stalling to go freshen up. In short we are all “amebos” LOL. I got up and went to shower, minutes into my bath, I heard a car pull up in the drive way, but I couldn’t care less.

As I finished up and walked into the room, OMG guess who I saw…….. Goriola was right there with a crooked smile on his face and my snitching friends were all at the door cheering. I covered my face in surprise – I was chatting with this dude some minutes ago and he acted all too busy to reply me, and here he is in Manhattan with me.

He walked towards me and I gave him the warmest hug I had ever remembered sharing with anyone. He whispered into my ears “hello angel, I missed you like crazy”. His hand slid down to my ass as I let out a deep sigh. He then moved to the front and started rubbing my pussy. I closed my eyes and nodded.

His hands found their way inside my bath robe and he shoved a finger deep inside. I nodded yes again. He began flicking my clit and I nodded again. Goriola was going to make me cum right here. My breathing was getting heavier. I wanted more. He knew what he was doing and I was almost ready to cum and then, I took my robe off and he was just staring at me.

He began telling me how sexy I looked all wet like that and that he had missed me this past few days, and planned with Lolade and Sinmi before he came down. That he heard Caleb was at the wedding and this even prompted him more to show up unannounced. I told him how much the surprised meant to me and all that……. I then helped him out of his clothes and when I pulled his pants to the floor I put his cock in my mouth.

He grunted and I started sucking hard. He blew his load in my mouth almost instantly. He then lifted me up and set my ass on the bathroom sink.

He knelt down and started licking my pussy. Oh ya baby. Lick it good. I wrapped my legs around his head and pulled him closer. He ate me until I started cumming. He then stood up and thrust his dick into my waiting pussy. I pulled him in with my legs and begged him to fuck me. He was fucking me good and then he puts his hands under my ass and lifts me up and kept fucking me, harder and harder. I could barely breathe.

He then carried me over to the bed, set me down and bent me over. He shoved his cock in me and was slamming me so hard I was screaming in pleasure. He has never fucked me this hard before, but I liked it. Fuck me baby, fuck me harder.

This was all he could handle his cum burst out and filled me up. He pulled out and got us a towel to clean up with.

We walked out into the sitting room only to meet Caleb playing video game with Lolade.. WTF. I said “hey dude, why you showing up unannounced?” the he rose up and walked to Goriola and stretched his hand to shake Goriola. He introduced himself as Caleb, and I saw how Goriola looked at him with a sly kind of smile on his face.

I told Caleb we were going shopping and then he offered to come along (wetin be this guy wahala ohhh, no vex my bobo o because he no get time for your “lap dog” kinda behavior).

Since I love bras and panties so much, and have tons of matching sets, Goriola whisked me to Victoria Secrets store at the Manhattan mall. Caleb played the dumbest trick at checkout as he jumped forward to pay for my goods and my friends. Goriola felt offended and looked straight at the “kokoye” babe at checkout “here is my card, charge all the items the ladies bought on it and kindly ignore this other young man” Goriola said.

I smiled and hugged him, but felt bad for the poor treatment he dished out to Caleb. Aisha the “softie” dragged Caleb aside and asked him to help her choose the best body mist (just to make him feel better and avoid any form of chaos between Caleb and Goriola).

We got home worn out and packed the rest of our bags.

XOXO for the night, Shakiti Baby