So I watched a movie on Iroko TV of recent – the Visit. The storyline was like me staring straight at myself in the face of Eugenia. Female genital Mutilation hmmm….. No be beans o.

Am sure you all will have noticed that sex to me is all about pleasuring myself, initially when I started eating the forbidden fruit (pardon me y’all), I enjoyed every bit of it. But as time went on, some of the moments became painful and I couldn’t bare for it to be over.

Then I had to ask my mum if I was circumcised, and to my uttermost shock, she said “yes dearie, by your archaic grandma. So face your dad and challenge that o not me.” It broke my heard to have heard this, but I was glad my mum told me the truth in the most loving way she could.

There and then, I vowed to make any of my relationships work. So for everyone who may have labelled me as “a sex-crazed shakiti baby”, I am so sorry to disappoint you, that some of my supposed-pleasurable moments were cut short by this past sin of FGM – courtesy my dead granny. I don’t love her any less but I don’t like what she did to me either.

For any lady who may be experiencing the worse of feeling of been mutilated (mine was not so bad because I had to see a doctor to know what extent the damage was to my labia majora and labia minora – yes medical jargons, am so sorry I cant help that sometimes)., you can get sexual stimulants or better still talk to your partner on how best to pleasure you in the best relaxed mood possible.

Hopefully, yall have understanding partners like I have had most of the time (who knows what to do to get you in the right mood, when and how to thrust into your pussy, and not just some dude who would rather fuck a dry pussy without been concerned about how the woman feels).

I remember the day I told Goriola about this issue, OMG. The pleasure I got that night was un-quantifiable. He told me he loved my gorgeous body from the first moment he saw it, my moderate low butt, afro hair – dyed red, beautiful dark eyes, and those very sexy dynamite legs – yes my legs are hotttt #wink. He said “I had always been a leg man, perhaps that’s what caught my attention”.

Plus he loved that I mostly wore short skirts or dresses with sheer tights, not the vulgar type, but short enough to expose their tone and beauty, yet hiding enough to make me desire the treasure that rests at the apex of those wonderful legs.

In time, he said “I learned to love your soul as well”. That I am a kind, gentle spirit who loves to make friends and make everyone around me happy. Wow, I was blushing already – permit me if its allowed for a black woman to blush o LOL. To top it all, he said he was moved with the fact that i cried when I know others are in pain; and even when we hold each other close and watch a sad movie.

That I was all these things he loved me for each and every one of it – kai this bobo just put me in the right mood psychologically.

There is no greater pleasure for me than to make her happy. This I will do tonight. She sits across from me, I on the bedroom chair and she sitting comfortably on the bed. She is naked except for her black panties and the shimmering tiny diamond earrings that stand out against her coal black shoulder length hair, which rests against her flawless alabaster skin.

Reaching down he took my face in his hands and kissed me deeply. Our tongues entwine as my tongue searches deeply into the warm soft heat of his mouth. I have done this many times before, but it is like new now. I can taste the sweet saliva and feel the active movement of his mouth.

Our mouths untangle as he placed his hands on my soft shoulders and nudge my back. His eyes meet mine as I laid back on the bed, my legs over the side and my sweet ass resting on the edge. He drop to his knees on the floor and gaze at paradise. He gently part my thighs and gazed at my now slightly damp womanhood. He place my legs gently on his shoulders, my legs now bent so that my knees rest on his shoulders.

He turned his head slightly and kissed my lower thigh; kissing and licking his way slowly up my leg. I moaned louder and my pelvis churns gently. He lapped at the material of my panties.

Then I raised up off the bed, grasped my panties, and moved them aside. “Please, “I moaned. Now he thrust his tongue deep, and i clamped my thighs tight and rides his face hard. He traced his tongue around my clit and I screamed.

Finally, i relaxed, and he softly kissed my sensitive pussy for a moment. I looked up shyly and he is looking at me. I rise, kissed him, and he enfold me in his warm, strong, arms and we both fell into a deep sleep together.

XOXO for the night, Shakiti Baby