I threw myself into the new job responsibilities attached to the 3 years contract we signed with Goriola’s company to cater for the staff health insurance. My hard work didn’t go unnoticed, as I go promoted about 6 months into the new job responsibilities. I found out Goriola, was one of the people who talked to my organization about this promotion (wow, I was impressed by this kind gesture, coming from a guy I mistreated even after the phone sex).

This new promotion qualified me for a paid academic leave, and I was beginning to think if I should go do my masters program in the United States. I was beginning to feel too lonely without a boyfriend (I know that sounds silly in a way LOL, but yo! Its my life eh, you get your life oh …in Dayo Amusa’s voice LOL).

I decided to give in to Goriola for a while, knowing fully well it would not be for a long while as I had already started applying for my masters program in the states (I know that sounded selfish, but what gives y’all the impression that this fuck boy ain’t just out to have fun….. I can swear he has one other or better still series of babes elsewhere).

It wasn’t as easy as I pictured it was going to be. We were both worried about our reputations. It wasn’t against company policy to date a client, but I didn’t know what people would think if they knew we were involved romantically, having just gotten out of an ill-fated relationship with Mr. AJ — so, for those reasons, we chose to keep it a secret (but of cause, not to my sisters – Sinmi, Lolade and Aisha).

It was tricky at times. We didn’t acknowledge each other at company meetings and briefings, and We worried about running into my boss or colleagues on weekends. On one of such weekends, Mr. AJ stopped Goriola at the estate gate to exchange pleasantries, and the big-mouthed boyfriend of mine mentioned that he was on his way to my house for our planned hangout at the popular LaCampaign Tropicana resort for the weekend.

The weekend was a fun one as we rented a chalet, and my friends all came with their boyfriends: Sinmi and Sola, Lolade and one Skye Bank manager she just started dating, and also my Aisha baby and Nnamdi her office crush (although they were not officially dating, because Aisha could not assure her parent approval if the relationship were to blossom).

The first day we relax at the water front, watching all the people kayaking. We figure half the people come there just like us without knowing anybody and the other half are in groups. The next day was a Saturday, my friends and the baes went kayaking, but all that was on my mind was fucking Goriola (ahy am I this horny today?) I caught Goriola staring at me as we laid down outside and I pulled him to me, whispering, “Gori, these are a set of boobs you could lose yourself in” I said. He grinned at me and said. “I bet you know what’s on my mind right now”

I reached over and touched Goriola. He was still hard as a rock and he grinned at me. The tequila had undone me and I floated away on my back. We found our way back to the chalet, as I hurridely removed my maxi dress (I had no panties on and my cleanly shaved pussy was as bare as a baby’s butt). Goriola stood up, his cock hard in front of me. I knew how good it would taste and I leaned forward and put him all the way into my mouth, taking my time removing him and then circling his cock head with my tongue.

Resting my pretty long legs on his shoulders, he guided his throbbing cock smoothly into my inviting pussy opening. He gave it a couple of slow mild strokes, ensuring all was wet and well. Now clasping my thighs, he pushed in hard and deep till the very end of his shaft. I gasped at the sudden intrusion.

Slowly withdrawing till the tip, he again rammed into my wet pussy. He was rewarded with another gasp from my drunken mouth. He continued to pump rhythmically, watching my entire nude body jerk with his thrusts.

My breasts were swaying to the beat. My eyes were half closed and My lips were open. He climaxed. Pumping in the last drops, as I moaned and my pussy squeezed his cock in an extended orgasm.

We both got up and walked outside to join the other at kayaking, and BOOM! Guess who we ran into – Mr. AJ and both disappointing and surprising, he was with ENO. OMO I cant believe this, have I died and woken up in mars? ENOOOO

I walked away after exchanging cold pleasantries and then I told Goriola of all that had transpired between Mr. AJ and I in the past. When my paddies, got to the river bank, I told them about seeing Eno with Mr. AJ, and Aisha said she had been wanting to tell me since that Eno had been a regular visitor at the estate for a while now. Whattttt????????????

I got a skype all from my big sis that night, and she told us she was getting married in New York in about 3 months to her white bae. Wawu! One of the best news I had heard in a while. So, myself, Sinmi, Lolade and Aisha began to plan taking a vacation towards that time, so we could all go get our groove in NYC.

XOXO for the night, Shakiti Baby