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Oh, why oh why, do we fall into the trap of sleeping with our exes? Even when we know it’s not a halfway decent idea, it doesn’t stop so many of us from doing it. Most of us have slept with an ex at some point, haven’t we?

First thing on Monday morning I was ready for a meeting with some of our new clients. I set up the meeting room and prepared my slides as I was solely in charge of the account. To my uttermost surprise, I saw Goriola among the board of directors whom we were presenting the AGM report for that quarter to. (OMG, what the f—k is this.).

I went out to catch my breath so that I don’t goof at the presentation. Thanks to God I was impeccably dressed as usually in a 2-piece dress suit that rode up to a few inches above my kneels, a black tight an a red patent heels. My make-up was also on point after watching series of YouTube videos on make-up LOL.

I walked back into the meeting room and delivered one of the best presentation I had ever presented in my 3 year of work. I received a standing ovation and some few handshakes.

Some few minutes after the presentation, my team lead called me on the phone to come over and meet with some of the directors who asked to meet me. I knew immediately that Goriola was one of the people requesting to meet me. I quickly touched up my ruby woo Mac lipstick and dabbed a little perfume at the back of my ears, and also rubbed the bath and body works shea hand lotion for soft palms #wink.

I walked up to exchange pleasantries with everyone, and Goriola asked for my business card. I gave it to him, and he whispered “good to meet you again, this time there is no letting you go without an explanation.” I smiled and noded like an “agama lizzard”

I went to bed and watched some movies, then tried to go to sleep. All I ended up doing was tossing and turning. I was suddenly startled by my phone ringing since I usually turn it off when I head for bed. I looked at my caller ID, but nothing came up but I hesitantly picked it up anyway. I heard a somewhat familiar voice on the other end.

“Hello angel”, the man said. I only know of one person that would call me that – Goriola. Especially since I already know some of the little pet names my other male friends call me. It was him. I was shocked and curious as to why he’d call me.

“Am I bothering you? Were you sleeping?” he asked. “No you weren’t bothering me, I was just laying down fidgeting, trying to fall asleep until you called” I responded with a little laugh. “Well maybe I could help you go to sleep” he suggested. “Hehe, what, are you going to come over and take advantage of me?” I asked him.

He laughed softly and told me no, he had something better in mind. We chatted and such…I asked him if he honestly liked my presentation today, he told me yes, that it was impeccable.

His voice was stirring me up as he began to talk to me about how he got transferred to Lagos and started the new business with some of his old friends. well which he might have known, since my voice and breathing changed. “Something wrong?”, He asked.

“You’re voice is turning me on” He said. I was puzzled, (oh boy, abegi make I sleep jare… don’t want to be rude to him till the accounts are signed and sealed).

I asked him what he was doing since I heard his breathing change as well. “I’m stroking my cock” he said. That turned me on even more. “Does that bother you, that I’m stroking myself?” he asked me, his voice was so sexy it sent chills through my body, making my nipples hard. “Why don’t you join me?” he asked. “Are you wet already?”

The sound of his voice was the sweet delight that made me shiver. I was lying on the bed, phone in one hand while the other hand was busy exploring lower regions. He was whispering naughty things into me ear. Things so naughty, in fact, that me pussy was already wet and aching for me lover’s touch.

“You like it when I press my tongue against your clit like that, don’t you? You know how I would do it right now if I were there. I would take my time and make slow circles around your pussy, getting closer and closer to the prize. I would lap up your juices with every sweep of my tongue. I would make you wait until you were begging for one little lick on that sensitive little spot. You want it, don’t you?”

I shuddered. “Yes.”

“But that’s not all you want, is it? You want to feel me slide my fingers into that warm, wet cunt. You want me to finger fuck you with two or three fingers, don’t you? I like to feel your pussy stretching around my fingers as you take them all in. Kinda like it feels when you stretch open around my dick.”

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Me nipples were so hard, they hurt. I gasped as. There was a long moment of silence on the other end of the line, then he whispered, “You’re touching yourself for me, aren’t you?”

“Emmm No…Yes…”

“Good. I want you to do that some more. I want you to tease your clit but don’t let yourself come. I want you to slip your fingers inside and tease around in there, but don’t you dare come. Do you understand? Get right to the edge but don’t you come.”

Getting right to the edge was sweet and delicious torture. I played with me clit, making circles with me wet fingertip, until I was throbbing all over and begging for release. I whimpered his name as I heard his breath speed up, and I knew he was jerking off while he talked to me, ready to take his own pleasure while I got mine.

“You know what I want right now?” he asked me. “I want to say fuck all that licking and teasing and finger fucking, and I want to spread your legs wide and get in between them, then slide my cock right up into your pussy. You’re so wet I would slide right in, aren’t you?”

This time I couldn’t answer. I was too close to coming to think.

“You would come on that first stroke, wouldn’t you? Then I would keep pounding your pussy, pumping in and out of that sweet little hole, until you were ready to come again. And guess what I would do then?”

All I could say was “Please…”

“I would come. I would come deep inside you, You like it best there, too, don’t you? Can you feel it? Are you going to come with me, honey? Come right now. Come around my dick.”

I didn’t have to be told twice. I touched me clit, strummed it, pressed on it, and then the orgasm was over me. I cried out and lifted me hips to ride the sensation. In my ear I could hear the sound of his moan and grunt of pleasure. I knew he had come right along with me, just as he said he would.

“Now what” I thought…that uncomfortable silence came between us two. “So, how do you feel now….?” he asked me. I tried to hide a yawn I felt coming out. “Well, I actually feel tired and feel like going to sleep, thanks to you.” I said. “You don’t have to thank me, angel…I was just trying to help you get a good night’s rest for a change” he replied. I was smiling, he should see me glowing…”You’re too sweet…” I looked at my clock it was late…

I need to get some sleep Goriola, I am a busy woman and have so much to do tomorrow. You are your own. “I best let you go my sweet, thanks for calling again” I said, then “blew” a kiss to him. “Sleep well angel, we’ll chat again soon…you have a good night, k?” said he, his voice having a sexy tone to it again.

“I hope you sleep well too, and uhm good night brat.”…I snickered and hung up. I turned over and finally fell asleep…at last.

I smiled in the darkness, told him goodbye, and hung up the telephone.

XOXO for the night, Shakiti Baby