Usually Mr AJ isn’t very rough but he knows that I like it. So tonight, he started teasing me, making me wet. He held me down & whispered in my ear how bad he wanted to fuck me. We sneaked up into his room, & the second I got there, he pulled me up against the wall. I moaned ‘oh God’ right as he did it.

He pulled my panties down, putting his dick in my pussy. Then he grabbed my waist and bent me over and fucked me sooo good, he even made me call him daddy…GOD I love him.”

This man is insatiable o, kai. We went out to the movies with Lolade and Aisha (Simisola was spending the night at Sola’s place to see if they could settle tmee wahala). The movie was fun (I really can’t remember what movie it was, but I sure did have all the fun), and I tried my best not to act all “lovey dovey” around Mr. AJ, because we could walk into school friends or colleagues at work, and even his wife’s pips.

We got home (my apartment this time) all drunk and honey, had a shower and was about to crash when he walked in from the bathroom. “Now, I want you to slowly disrobe for me. Make me hard.” – He stood back and watched me stand; when he raised his eyebrow at me, i quickly complied. I started taking off the robe, slowly; I let it fall down on the floor at my feet. I was left standing in front of him, my breasts standing proud, and me nipples hard.

I only had my panties on. They barely covered me (because I always wear thong panties, my choice, my life #wink).

“Turn around. ” – His voice was rough with passion. “Good girl. Now slowly take them off. And turn back towards me.” – I did. I felt more vulnerable now than ever before with him.

“Very nice – you’ve made me hard again.” – I was pleased at his words and I found something extremely erotic in taking off his robe off, while he watched me closely, I saw his hard cock ready to jump out of. When I was done and he was left completely naked I expected him to order me to go on me knees.

He surprised me by saying: “Now take me to the bed. I want you to go climb up and spread your legs to me.

Offer me your pussy my sweet little babe.” – I shivered and took him by the hand to the bed. Once on the bed, I did exactly as told. I was a beautiful sight and his cock twitched in appreciation. He came near the bed. He placed himself in front of me and inhaled me scent. He grabbed me hips and moved me closer to his mouth; he placed his lips onto me throbbing clit. I felt myself melting. He started licking me good, covering me with his mouth and his tongue. He was leaving no blank space between them.

He put his tongue inside me pussy then went back at licking it, he sucked at me clit hard and it made me shake. I looked down at him, my head moving with his lips, he increased his pressure and I knew I was losing it.

“Please Sir. Please can I come? I can’t hold much longer!” – I pleaded with him. He lifted his head for a moment and looked at me – “Come for me honey. Come hard. “– he returned his head back at sucking me clit and I screamed his name riding a wave of orgasm that seemed to go on and on.

“Good girl.” – I was still shaking while he positioning himself at me pussy. “BEG.” – He said harshly.

“Please Sir; please let me have your cock inside of me. PLEASE fuck me hard. Please, I need you inside of my pussy. Oh God, please.” – He loved hearing the desperation in my voice. He gladly answered my prayers and entered me fast. He fucked me hard and unrelenting. He showed my aching pussy no mercy as the bed hit the wall behind them.

His balls were slapping loudly; he placed his hand around me throat and kissed me hard on me mouth, his other hand slapping my ass.

He was treating me like a fragile fuck buddy and I loved it. I looked at him with a silent plea in my eyes.

“Go on honey. CUM! Cum all over my cock!! CUM! ”

I screamed hard, I was convulsing around him. He felt every movement and he buried himself even deeper inside of me. He pulled out and got on his feet, I was lying beneath him, he stroked his cock and ejaculated all over me body, he wanted to cover me with it. He loved that view…I was covered in his sperm, marked as his.

He slowly dressed up, as I sat on the bed.

“What are your plans for the weekend?” – He asked me. I was about to say something, and then realized what he wanted to hear: “Whatever you want them to be, Sir.” – His proud smile made me happy.

Mr. AJ left for his house around 3 am that morning after receiving an urgent call. I asked him who it was and he just mumbled. Well that’s not a problem, this man is married and it could have been his wife or kids.

The Saturday was a long boring one, I did my laundry and made some home made pie. I grabbed a bottle of moscato from the fridge and went back to my bed to read some erotics on the blog. Then Sinmi walked in on me with my eyes glued to my laptop (oh, sorry I forgot to mention to y’all that all this while, I was reading the confession stories on the madailygist blog… LOL.).

Ain’t you coming with us for the neighborhood party? she asked. “babe please I am busy doing some work stuff on my lappy jare” I replied. She wasn’t convinced and then moved closer to spy on my laptop. She shouted “ah silly girl, so this na your new work abi? Aisha zo mana, come and see this yeye babe o”.

I begged them to leave me alone as I was missing Mr. AJ, and he was going to be away for another 2 weeks on international business meetings (he had called me early that morning, saying he had to travel urgently).

As the girls left for the party, I continued with my erotics on the blog. I was all wet down there by the time I was done reading the story, I got up fantasizing about how my next sex-capade with Mr. AJ would be like.

Am I falling in love with a married man? It can’t be. I can keep denying this to myself, but for sure I have a special place in my heart for this man…… snap out of this LALA-land and face the fact jare “he will never be my man.”

XOXO for the night, Shakiti Baby