Mr. AJ sent me a text to dress up and come go to a bar with him alongside Eno (because he was meeting with his politician friend in Apo quarters). When we got there, he bought me a long island drink and Eno ordered corona beer, which I thought was a little strange, but again, everything he was doing was really nice so I couldn’t complain.

The entire night we didn’t talk about work once. I finally started to realize this was his way of asking me out on a real date (in my mind LOL), and I found it strangely cute. He was a lot older than me, but he was one of those really good looking older guys, that kind of RMD look, LOL. I am serious, he sure does look hot for a man in his age.

The night was a fun and memorable one, because we discussed about virtually everything ranging from politics to economics, health care, marriage and relationships. We stood up and danced to some good oldies like “Return of the mack by Mack Morrison” and also some Keith Sweat music. Wow, it was like one of the most beautiful dates I had gone to in a long while.

Mr. AJ has finally charmed me with that cute first date. We got back to Lagos and went on Christmas break. Mr. AJ’s family came over for the holiday, and all through the 2 weeks break, we communicated everyday on phone and liked pictures on Facebook and Instagram.

January is here and everyone resumed back to work “I think the other co-workers knew something was up” he said. He didn’t want them to think I was getting preferential treatment, or at least that’s what he said. He told me he really liked me and I told him the feeling was mutual. So we agreed to keep it professional at work, we wouldn’t do it in the office or anything, but we’d meet up right after work.

The first time it was at his place, the second time it was in his car. It was great, honestly one of the best sex of my life, most likely because we both knew it was somewhat forbidden, and secondly because it was something I had never done before (Mr. AJ na pro, he don tey for the game). The sex was exploratory because what we were doing was adventurous, and we both had no expectations. It was easy, uncommitted, and exciting.”

Most weekends were spent at his place, and his official driver had already started spreading my gist at work. Eno had to shut them up one time, and she did it the Benin way. Since then the dare not gossip about me – all thanks to Eno my Voltron.

On one of such visits, we laid down on the couch watching African magic (by the way it was my idea, as that was my favorite DSTV channel LOL – omo Yoruba nimi o swagger). “You’re beautiful” he said as he gazed at me exposed in his living room. I felt myself blush as his tongue began to make its way up my thighs… His fingers slowly entered me as his tongue licked at my clit. I was being driven wild, I’d been with lots of men but, boy, he really knew what he was doing.

I lay and enjoyed the pleasure; my back arched as I orgasmed, I lay there and shook as I enjoyed the after waves of my orgasm. He smiled at me and I kissed him, tasting my pussy on his tongue. I unzipped his jeans and undressed him, his cock wasn’t huge, but not at all small, and I knew I was going to enjoy being pounded by him again.

I smiled and took his hard cock into my mouth; he threw his head back in pleasure and moaned as I let him slip down my throat, my nose touching his stomach as I took him all down. I let my tongue bar move over his shaft as I pleasured him, I could tell he was closing to finishing so I pulled away and smiled at him, “now will you fuck me?” I asked, with an air of desperation, without saying anything he grabbed me, bent me over and admired my view from behind, he kissed my back and ass cheeks as he placed his cock at the entrance to my pussy, I longed for him to enter me.

It seemed like forever before he finally slid himself inside, he moaned loudly and grabbed my ass cheeks in pleasure, he placed a gentle, but firm spank on my ass as he began to pound me, I could tell that I was one of his good fuck #wink#.

I enjoyed every moment and I came again, moments later he rolled me over and shot his load all over my chest and face. I lay there sticky and quivering from my orgasm, I licked the cum from my lips and used my fingers to wipe the cum from my breast, I put my fingers to my mouth and licked each finger slowly, I smiled up at him as I tasted him.

He smiled back down. We sat naked and sticky on the sofa not saying a word, just enjoying each other’s company and admiring each other’s bodies and abilities… I couldn’t wait to do that again.

XOXO for the night, Shakiti Baby