Checkout Tony Elumelu’ Private jet – See the model and technical characteristics of private jet (PHOTOS)


Saving time creates a chance to earn more money; and for the Chairman of Heirs Holdings Ltd, owning a personal airplane gives the opportunity to resolve business issues on time and draw attention to his high social status. In this article, we will talk about the model and technical characteristics of Tony Elumelu’s luxurious private jet.

Tony Elumelu private jet Flacon 7x

Who is Tony Elumelu?

He is a Nigerian philanthropist, economist and entrepreneur who works in the following projects:

  • United Bank for Africa;
  • Heirs Holdings as the Chairman;
  • Transcorp;
  • He also created his own foundation named in his honor.

Elumelu is a holder of important national awards, and has played significant roles in CON and MFR. Forbes specialists also called him one of the most powerful persons of 2012.

He does not only profitably run his businesses, but also stimulates political processes, improves competitiveness, invests in the development of promising projects, conducts thorough research and educates representatives of private and public sectors.

Tony Elumelu

Tony Elumelu’s Private Jet

A luxurious jet became part of Tony Elumelu’s properties in 2015; it is Flacon 7x. For him, this is not only a means of transportation, but also the place where he works during travels.

There are several pictures of him on social networks which show him working on the plane, at a table with a pen and papers. We can tell from this that the businessman does not spend time on entertainment like many other private jet owners in Nigeria. And as a philanthropist, no one can say that money means everything to him, additional amenities are needed to achieve business goals.

Tony Elumelu jet

Jet characteristics

The Falcon 7x is considered one of the most comfortable and luxurious models in the world. This is exactly what befits the richest men in Africa who do not want to waste too much time on flight delays.

Business jet Dassault Falcon 7X guarantees high comfort, speed and safety during flights. This model was developed by the French corporation “Dassault Aviation” to replace the Falcon 900, produced since 1984 and intended for intercontinental flights.

The Falcon 7X is the flagship of “Dassault Aviation” company, and a quintessence of the most modern engineering developments and design in modern business aviation.

private jet

Having entered into service in 2007, this aircraft was immediately loved not only by customers but also by specialists of the aviation sphere. Special equipment were used while designing the jet to transfer almost all the construction, as well as the maintenance process into a virtual environment.

This helped to work out all the components of the aircraft in details at an early stage, which in turn increased the reliability of the subsequently manufactured apparatus and shortened the development time.

Structurally, this aircraft differs from the 900 series by a modified wing, which increased the technical characteristics of the Falcon 7X by 30%. Also, the area of the tail stabilizer was enlarged and reinforced. The aircraft is equipped with two powerful Canada PW307A engines and is the first business jet equipped with an electrical remote-control system.

Falcon 7x scheme

Convenient features of Falcon 7X

  • The possibility of a non-stop flight for 11000 km; thanks to this feature, a user can reach almost any city on the planet.
  • A spacious room with a luxury design, equipped with ergonomic seats, workstations, coffee tables, modern multimedia and communication equipment for proper rest and efficient work during flights.
  • Relatively low maintenance costs as well as reduced fuel consumption to save on cost of operation.

Tony Elumelu certainly made a good decision by choosing the Falcon 7X.

Falcon 7x

This aircraft is really great. If you are impressed by the description of Tony Elumelu’s personal jet, the only conclusion that can be made is that working hard brings good results. Perhaps some of you will also be able to fly on a private jet in future. Dreams come true!