Checkout The 7 Important Reasons Why Nigerian Workers Should Consider Working Online


If there is any part of the society that bears the scourge of penury and bad economy, then it has to be the masses.

The elites know how to maneuver their way through any unfavorable situation.

The 21st century has provided every one with an opportunity to earn money online irrespective of the social divide.

Here are seven reasons why Nigerian workers should give working online thought.

1. Do not put all your eggs in one basket:

Online business gives you the privilege to diversify your means of earning. It reduces your dependency on your job. People whose physical jobs are their only option tend to get emotional if something goes wrong. If there is delay in salary, they begin to worry. If there is mass retrenchment, they start developing high blood pressure. Why? Because all they have and all they do is vested in their job alone.

2. Opportunity to do what you enjoy:

The online world is a place full of opportunity. You can literally do online anything you can do in the real world and get massive appreciation and patronage from your audience. Is it writing or singing or comedy? Whatever you love to do already has an audience. Your audience are also your market because they are the ones you sell your ideas, products and services to. And unlike the physical world, there is no limit to the audience you can have at a time because there is no ‘distance barrier’.

3. Freedom to express creativity:

We all know that the corporate world can be frustrating when it comes to already laid out regulations. Sometimes, ‘what can be done differently’ is often sacrificed for ‘how it has always been done’. The rules can choke your creativity and prevent you from trying out new methods that can possibly produce better results. It forces you to operate within the confines of a determined circle. But when you make use of the internet, there are no restricting rules. You have the liberty to take any approach to what you want to do, provided it is within the confines of the law.

4. To shore up your earnings:

There is a law that says, “Expenses will always rise to meet income”. What this means is that, no matter how much you make, there will always be needs to gulp down the income. Let’s say you earn 100k a month. It is only a matter of time before that amount becomes insufficient to meet your needs. This is where online business can be of help because it will generate alternative income for you.

5. Expand opportunities in the real world:

The internet provides its users with the opportunity to interact with one another and by so doing, make new friends and establish contacts. This is one of the most awesome advantage of the internet. You can get to meet amazing people of like minds from the comfort of your abode. These people in turn can provide opportunities for you in the real world that you may never have been able to get all by yourself. The benefits of the networking are unlimited.

6. Keeps you buoyant despite economic recession:

When a country suffers from economic crisis, there is the problem of rising inflation. Cost of goods and services continue to skyrocket and there is no corresponding increase in the monthly pay. Much worse, there may be a certain reduction in percentage of salaries because of the hardship. An online business can shield you to a reasonable extent from the throes of recession by giving you extra cash for your efforts.

7. Online business can become the anchor of your income:

Online business has the potentials to pay you more than you can earn at your job. If you develop your business to a level of uniqueness in standard, it will yield profit to you beyond your dreams. This is aside the perks that comes with working online which I have discussed in my previous articles. Automating the business can make it earn you money without your attention, and even for life.


In the light of the above, one may ask if it is compulsory to go into online business. The obvious answer is “no”. But if any individual is serious about making real money and achieving true financial independence, then an online business is absolutely necessary.