Best Ankara peplum gowns 2017: short and long! (PHOTOS)


We have prepared for you the latest photos of short and long Ankara peplum dresses 2017! Nigerian ladies continue to stay loyal to the peplum and female Ankara styles. See the brightest looks and designs and get inspired for the creation of your beautiful combination!

Short and long Ankara peplum dresses 2017

Most women love dresses. Of course, everyone has different tastes. Some girls wear short dresses the others prefer long. That’s why dresses never go out of fashion.

Long Ankara peplum dresses 2017

Women will never be tired of bringing attention to their figure, emphasizing their attractiveness and beauty. A peplum style is one way to do this. It originated from ancient Greece. Today, it is one of the most fashionable styles. What is a peplum design and how do you wear it? Read on to find out.

Ankara peplum gowns 2017

Peplum is the addition of fabric or ruffles at the waist level. It seductively emphasizes all female charms and hides flaws. In it, you bring attention to your waist and make the hips curvier.

Ankara dresses with peplum 2017

The folds of the fabric provide elegance and charm. Most often, the problem area for a plump woman is her hips. Therefore, if the peplum ends below the problem zone, it creates a sense of completeness and perfection.

Peplum dresses 2017

You can wear peplum with almost everything. In particular, the peplum looks very beautiful on dresses.

Festive long Ankara peplum dresses 2017

Ankara peplum dresses with bright pattern 2017

A win-win option for a party with friends or social event is a tight-fitting and figure-hugging dress with a peplum style. Neutral tones provide a more conservative image, and flashy rainbow colors are for maximum expression.

Ankara peplum multi-colored dresses 2017

Shapes and colors of Ankara peplum dresses

There are situations where women of fashion want to hide their plump belly. In this case, the peplum should begin from the chest and end at the waist.

Ankara peplum mermaid dresses 2017

The length of the peplum gown for the plump woman should be either to the floor or a bit above the knees. It is more flattering.

Short Ankara peplum gowns 2017

Ankara short gown styles

So, let’s start with short dresses. Short Ankara peplum dresses are typically simple in terms of cut. The top of the gown is often fitted. Short, long, and 3/4sleeves can be used. You can make it more interesting by adding lantern or flared sleeves. A short dress can even be sewn without sleeves at all.

Short Ankara peplum dresses with frills 2017

If you chose a voluminous style, then keep the neckline as simple as possible. Elaborate jewellery should also be avoided when wearing these types of Ankara dresses. If you sew simple sleeves with a short dress, then you can certainly afford to go nuts on accessories.

Short Ankara peplum dresses with geometric pattern 2017

As for the bottom of the dress, a pencil skirt design is very flattering. Ankara short gowns with peplum and pencil skirt dress can make you very gorgeous.

Short Ankara peplum dresses with various ornaments 2017

Such a dress would be appropriate to wear for the office or even an event. Choose an Ankara fabric in pastel colours with a small pattern for such a simple look.

Mini Ankara peplum dresses 2017

To make it even more festive, let the overall dress tailoring be simple, but you can add some frills for the peplum. It can be made more voluminous with additional trim made of lace, chiffon or embroidery. You can even sew the peplum from a different and bright fabric. But it should blend with the color of the base fabric.

Short Ankara peplum dresses with decor 2017

One part of the outfit can be made one-colored without any pattern. You can combine two or more fabrics and make inserts in unique Ankara styles.

Ankara long gown styles 2017

Ankara long gown styles

As for the long Ankara peplum dresses, they are usually designed for more festive occasions. This style can be made into long and narrow dresses or mermaid dresses. The frill can be made from the middle of the hip, knee or all the way down.

Long Ankara peplum dresses with a tail and frills 2017

Your overall look will depend on the size and coloring of the pattern. If the design on the fabric is large and bright, this pattern looks better when its straight and narrows towards the bottom of the dress. If the pattern is small and delicate, you can make a frill from the middle of the hip or knee.

Long Ankara peplum dresses with open back 2017

When it comes to the top of the dress, you have a lot of options with the tailoring and designs. A long dress looks good strapless or with one shoulder. Deep cuts on the back or neckline are stylish too. You can emphasize the open shoulders with a fluffy frill or chiffon cape for your Ankara styles 2017.

Long Ankara peplum gowns 2017

The peplum can be made in different lengths: the back can be longer, and the front, shorter. You can also opt for stylish folds.

Long Ankara peplum dresses decorated with lace 2017

For festive attire, go for a slightly more flashy look. Sew a frill of chiffon or lace under the peplum hem. Let it be slightly longer than the basic one. You can repeat the same decor in the neckline.

Long Ankara peplum dresses with decorated belt 2017

Add a thin band of contrasting fabric or a leather bright colored strap above the peplum element. You can use a thin lace instead of a belt.

Short Ankara peplum dresses for office 2017

Ankara fashion

As for the fabric color for such dresses keep in mind the following. White, black, red, blue, turquoise, pink, yellow, and gray – these are the main trendy colors this season. The usual patterns of Ankara fabrics are floral and geometric.

Short Ankara peplum gowns (office style) 2017
Long Ankara peplum dresses of bright colors 2017

For bright Ankara colors’ lovers, there is a large variant of fabrics of all possible colors and patterns to choose from. You can even combine two types of fabrics.

Bright Ankara peplum dresses 2017

Certainly, the peplum style is loved by all Nigerian women and will never go out of fashion. And the beautiful bright Ankara fabrics just add color to your look.