An aggrieved Nigerian Doctor, who is fed up with the way the Nigerian medical system is ran, has exposed the rot in the system. According to @rolayomide, one day, Nigerians will walk into hospitals and there will be no doctors, if we don’t fix the menace soon.

The doctor went on to disclose the stress of getting into medical school, the stress of
joining the system which is ran by old men, who won’t give young men a chance, unless the person in question is privileged.

Here are his tweets;



  1. Her tweets, not his tweets! Why would you see a female picture and just assumed it is a man? Because medicine is a male only profession? I think next time when you want to use someone’s tweets, even if you won’t ask for permission, at least check the person’s bio. The fact that she is a woman is spelt out in her twitter bio. Thank you.